living alone

Living alone and enjoying it

I have been living alone for a long time and I enjoy it. I am not a solitary reaper and socially recluse but I enjoy the silence and solitude that I find in my apartment except on few occasions. I am not glorifying my way of life but I know for the fact that not many are capable to survive the choice. The reasons can be manifold – codependency, family issue, money or simply not able to function without some other human being. The last one is quite prominent in many human beings. At top of my head I can list at least ten names among my friends who don’t want to live alone for the simple reason that they don’t want to do the chores and assume the responsibilities that either their mothers or their spouses have been assuming in their lives. Anyway, it’s their choice and who are we to judge?

I read a brief article in an airline magazine once( I didn’t have anything to read as I had forgotten my kindle, iPad and earphones at home) about living the life alone and will try to recapitulate the same points here.

Take care of yourself – Simply because no one else is going to do so.

No fear of missing out – Don’t worry if you weren’t invited to some party or your friend didn’t come to see you. Everyone is busy these days and everyone has a life to live.

Make acquaintances and host get together in your apartment – Don’t worry about size of apartment, a simple potluck, movie session or just coffee get together can be held in a club hole as well.

Have more than one hobby – Keep trying different things and trust me you will have a story to tell eventually.

Treat yourself with respect – Just because you live alone doesn’t mean you have to live an ascetic life. If you like to binge watch int’l cinema while dressed in a french cuff shirt and  lying on your sofa then do it.

Take interest – Learn how to brew perfect coffee, try different drinks and keep an eye for what could be your favorite cocktail, learn about wines, go to museums. Pay attention to detail to a degree that you should be able to order coffee by saying both small cafe latte with whole milk and a small cafe latte with double shot of espresso, whole milk, decaf, caramel, extra foam without whipped cream to go please ( The example can be extrapolated to anything, it just shows how much attention to details you put. Also, few people might think you that you are just an obnoxious, pretentious a**)

Eat well – Again, living alone doesn’t mean you have to graze on a hot dog from the nearest bodega or live on french fries. Our body is the only thing that is truly ours, take care of it.




After Ma(ra)th – on

After the Sunday’s marathon, I worked from home on Monday and Tuesday and went out for a walk on Tuesday evening. I didn’t want to cook so I got a tartine( a Belgian open sandwich) and soup from le pain quotidien located at 1st Av. and 83rd st. The sandwich had a lot of oil(harissa) in it and after 2 slices I decided not to have it more and have the soup as my throat had started paining. Next morning I decided to resume running. Geared up, I went out and started the routine. Something didn’t feel right but I didn’t give much heed. After around 0.9 mile I started heaving and was on verge of collapse. I sat down on the sidewalk to gather myself. My head was spinning and I was gasping for breaths.Throat was paining a lot. Something was terribly wrong. I reached home and sat on the floor and dozed off. I woke up with a choking feeling, threw the phlegm and heated water in a dizzy state for gargling. I put on some warm clothes and scoured the apartment for any paracetamol and cetrizine(antihistamine). I couldn’t find any and had no strength at all to go to CVS which is literally stone’s throw distance from me. In my medicine box there were tablets of Moxikind and deriphylline. These were the medicines I took when I had a brief but intense interaction with bronchitis 10 years ago. It clicked me at once. The oil from that sandwich switched on the bronchitis attack by irritating my throat. I popped up a pill of each and went to bed. Next morning I did feel a little better but my wonderful body has a tendency to develop fever every time I get sore throat. And the fever followed. I laid in my bed for 2 straight days watching arbitrary YouTube videos and sleeping. The most difficult thing was arranging food. I needed soups, breads and light sandwiches. Eat24, Seamless and Grubhub offer great services but I couldn’t rely on the external food material and the oil. I stood in front of kitchen for some time thinking what to cook and I realized that I have to cook for myself and no one else. I am not doing favor to anyone by cooking for myself. Yes, I didn’t have the strength to stand up for long but it made me think of all the mothers who cook for their families. Every day without fail. In sickness and in health, they manage to put at least some kind of edible food material on the table. And here I am trying to chicken out. I gathered my strength and prepared few sandwiches, lentil soup for myself. I am not fully recovered yet. I slept till 8 am today, cleaned the apartment a little bit, took a shower. I still have weakness in my legs,my breath is still warmer than normal, temperature is high but throat pain has subsided.

Till now, I had seen the plus sides of living alone but this week showed me being ill and alone in NY is tough but one has to move on.