Hair, American Indians, Buddhist monks


Today morning I read an article about how hair can act as ¬†sixth sense. The article provided the proof in terms of the experiments conducted by the US Govt. during the Vietnam war. US army recruited native American Indians who have the ability to pass through and navigate tough terrain and have excellent tracking abilities. Such people were scoured for and then trained and enlisted in the army. But the moment they disguised themselves as American soldiers they lost all the supernatural abilities they had of sensing danger. They fared badly as compared to when they hadn’t cut their hair short. For some reasons a lot of information in this research has been “termed” classified.

Hair is thought to be an extension of the nervous system, kind of antennae or receptors of signals.  Hair can emit electromagnetic waves. Kirlian photography or auras as we call them in layman term provides some more literature on the same topic.

In my class 12 Physics course, I read about the charge accumulation at the tip of a conducting surface – corona discharge. That is the reason we have pointed conductors at the top of our buildings.

In ancient Hindu system, students keep a shikha / choti . There are philosophical reasons behind it ( hair contribute to vanity and thus ego. So as a student one has to shun all the ego) but I always thought there might be a practical reason too.sikha_thumb_large

It is possible that the tip of this collective hair stand act as the communication channel between the inner and the outer world. The charge gets accumulated at the tip and can be transferred to or from one system to other.

The American Indian logic leads me to think about the Buddhist monks who don’t keep any hair at all. They are also aware and can sense the surroundings.

At this point of time I can only say that different cultures have different practices and its not apple to apple comparison. But hair do have certain importance.

Article that I read :