Few days ago a friend of mine was telling me about a playlist of songs on death; it can be unnerving to some and gratifying to a few. People slow down at the end, just like when you are reaching the end of a book, you would try to absorb as much as possible and adjust your pace. May be this calibration manifests because we aren’t ready to break the bonds with the characters of the book, yet or self correction due to guilt consciousness.

One of J.D. Salinger’s characters shoots himself at the end of the story – an unpredictable end. Reader is caught off guard. Ending a book on death is anachronistic and the contemporary modern art affirms that it is here to help us forget the proverbial end.


Chandidas and Rami

Ghazals are one of  the purest form of expression I have experienced in my life till now. The metaphor clad meters chalk out the palpable  feelings of lovers howsoever hyperbolic and exorbitant they may seem. They are all so foolishly romantic that they seem incredible and prodigious.

In one of the ghazals of Ameer Minai performed by one of the artist, he recounted the tale of Chandidas and Rami. Chandidas was a poet famous in the medieval period and his poems are many times used to draw parallels between human and divine love. Then, Chandidas was a priestly class while Rami was a washerwoman and the love between them was not only frowned upon but impossible in the era of division and class. They took their love as sacred as the love between Radha and Krishna; Chandidas refused to forgo his love for Rami and also his priestly duties in the temple much to the despair of his family. Many legends say that he was arrested by the queen and later whipped to death but no one knows the true story.

Why the story of Chandidas and Rami holds significance? Much of later Bengali literature, art, and societal thought found its foundation in the legend. The urge to show the face of society and the characters involved without any exogenous and dramatic variables became an integral part of the art. The spirit of defiance and being recalcitrant in the time of social disapproval might have carved the room for breadth in the thought process.


I might be stuck in time warp in few aspects of my life but music isn’t one of them. I shake a leg with the contemporary music numbers and whistle the oldies, as old as 40s music. Few days ago I listened to La Bamba’s creator’s Come on Let’s go. Ritchie Valens – a prodigy who died young but created few masterpieces before going away. What a song it is, I kept on listening to it for many hours on repeat. Pure Joy!!


Yesterday I went to see Mustang at IFC in Greenwich village. Oh boy ! I was delighted. The film struck the chord from the first scene itself. Teenagers running around on beaches, playing and having times of their lives, plucking(stealing :)) fruits from the gardens. That is how kids should be- playing outside in the sun not stuck to minecraft or taking duck lipped selfies for snapchat. The long hair of the five sisters represented wildness and cavalier attitude and the title of the movie is so apt – Mustang, the free roaming horse. The youngest sister reminded me of myself – logical and not being afraid to confront. Everyone in the theater was laughing at many scenes of bravado shown by young girls. The entire film was captivating to me from the story to the escape and from the music to the stillness of the scenes. I haven’t liked a movie as much in years and recommend it to anyone who has even iota of interest in watching something meaningful.


I experience a sinking feeling when I see what people in other parts of the world go through in the name of culture. Here I am living in a world that doesn’t asks any questions to me and there is a world out there which has bugged your entire life, your each movement is tracked and the self appointed moral police dictates what one is allowed to do. Talking on phone, using computer, reading books that are not approved by the “intellectual ones”, talking to someone who is not related to you, not believing in what others believe in will make you a pervert and your will be corrupted in thoughts and your being? Does this even make any sense? Sometimes Cynthia and I laugh that if we were not here but somewhere else we would have been stoned to death by now for sure. We are not related to each other but we commit the unforgivable ‘sin’ of talking to each other and exchanging ideas on anything and everything that exist on the planet despite not being ‘related’ to each other.

The music from the movie was elevating especially the one at the end. Comforting yet unsettling as it creeped and crawled under the skin.If interested then you can check the music out here –

I looked at the elderly woman who was sitting with me in the 30 seater auditorium of screen 5 at IFC and tears were welling from her eyes. We did exchange a human smile.


Best running songs

I am stuck in a time warp for many things in my life; I want them to be the way they are- no alterations ! But one aspect which is always evolving is music. I scour the internet, shazam , watch documentaries for the music and keep adding to my collection. I hope that might be the case with most of the people.

I need to focus while running and need a little adrenaline rush too. These needs are catered differently for different people. For me I have a playlist to which I keep adding and subtracting the tracks and here are few (not necessarily in the order of preference)

Baba O’ Riley  by The Who

Don’t stop believin’ by Journey

Beautiful day by U2

Eye of the tiger by Survivor

Lose yourself by Eminem

All these things that I’ve done by The killers    ** I ran my last half mile in the marathon while listening to this song.

Nature Morte by Andrea Lindsay ** Sweet French song

Home by Gab Velazquez

Just one last time by David Guetta

Ello by Waybeyond

Turn by Travis

99 Luftballons by Nena ** German hitfrom 90s

Auf Uns ** German

I am gonna be 500 miles by The proclaimers

An Irish party in third class from Titanic movie

I bet my life (Alex Adair remix) by Imagine Dragons

Bricks or coconuts by Jacuzzi boys

It’s time by Imagine dragons

Flint hill special by Earl Scruggs

Cacada by Chico Buarque ** Brazilian classic that I heard in a cafe ; I liked the music and good for slow running

This modern love by bloc party

Levels by Avicci

Let me take a selfie by The chainsmokers ** Admit that the music is pumping

Burn – Tiesto Club life remix by Ellie Goulding

Tubthumping -Radio edit by Chumbabawa

When we were young  by Dillon Francis

Good life remix by One republic

Eventually the desired result is a great run because we are born to run (a nice read if you want more on running )

Enjoy !