The new roommate

I saw this plant in a grocery store and bought it immediately. I am next to zilch in Botany – except few flowers, plants and trees I can’t identify the wide variety of flora on terra firma.  It is with me for more than a week and I see that it has started withering, the leaves made a crunchy noise when I touched them. I can’t put it outside as it is snowing and always very windy, so it has to stay inside my apartment. I removed the extra water today and to desiccate, have put it under a lamp. I hope it survives. Is it Daisy or something else?



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  1. That’s a chrysanthemum that has been forced with chemicals to bloom beyond its ability to sustain itself, a typical maneuver by the industry to make a buck. Look at the poor leaves. It’s basically something people buy to watch die…unless…..

    …you cut off all the flowers–yes, you heard me, because the flowers suck up all the energy output a plant has–and repot it in a pot four inches wider and taller with good soil and keep the soil from drying out completely and put the whole thing in direct sunlight, it will bloom naturally for you in late summer when mums are supposed to. It’s not a houseplant, it’s a garden annual in places that get a hard freeze. You can set it outdoors in it’s pot in a sunny spot when the nights stay above sixty degrees.

    If you are unable to do all that and really just got the thing for the flowers, save the plant world from a horrible fate and just buy cut flowers from now on. No plant lover EVER lives with closed blinds. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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