A little girl and her maths problems

Last night, a little girl was sitting in front of me in a library and was looking at me intently with a little helplessness in her eyes. I looked at her and then tend to my work. She was scribbling something on a piece of paper and a pile of paper was scattered around her on the table.  I plugged in my earphones and started working. After a while, a female relative of hers arrived with some food items and started browsing her phone and in between she was talking to the girl in loud whispers in stern voice about finishing the work. The little girl was sobbing and tiny ears welling from her eyes were falling on the sheets. I thought of confronting the elder woman for she was admonishing the girl and from her looks was pretty strict about the business. I got up to speak to that woman and went near the child and looked at her sheets and saw that she was doing simple mathematics – addition, subtraction; I came back to my seat and refrained from saying anything to the woman and decided to concentrate on my work. Why did I refrain? May be because some maths is essential in life and everyone should know that.


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