Little Men

I watched little men directed by Ira Sachs at IFC few days ago. The movie has mixed reviews but I liked it. People view every aspect of the movie with such critical eye that movie reviews seem to be FBI investigations to me. I watched the movie on first day itself and read the reviews later and was surprised to read that there is an inkling of sexual desires between the boys. Why on earth would you say that? Because both wanted to be artists? To me they were just kids who enjoyed each others company and were whirling around in the storm of differences between their families. The movie reminded me that how easy it is when you are young to make friends with anyone and nearly impossible to do so when you are grown up. Of course there are exceptions to this thought. When you are a kid you don’t have any emotional baggage or a background that you want to hide while you are grown up you would be mindful of what to share and what not. In short, you are politically correct with people about your own life, your wins, losses and I think this politically correctness wipes the possibilities of befriending new people at deeper level.


I liked the music, acting of young guys. Paulina Garcia of Gloria fame did justice with her role and handled nicely the evolution of the character throughout the 85 minutes. I didn’t know that there is a concept of teen disco in Manhattan.


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