Month: June 2016

Walking Entire Manhattan

Last week I came up with the idea of walking entire Manhattan, and it incubated for some time and I decided to try it on Saturday. I checked internet and I found that the idea wasn’t my brainchild but I had to do it anyway. I started quite late on Saturday morning from my Yorkville, upper east side apartment. I had to take 1 train that goes to 215th street that is the last stop in Manhattan. I started at 10:45 am and took M79 cross town bus to take the train all the way up. There were couple of snags in the service due to weekend services on the tracks. After stopping for a while on 137th street, I finally reached 215th street at 12:00 noon. I decided to take a sneak peek into cloisters as well on my way downtown.


I took couple of notes while walking and here they are:

12:00 noon – reached 215th street, looks quite green area on broadway. Isham park on my right. The neighborhood is called Inwood and isn’t gentrified as people think it to be.

12:25 PM – Into the cloisters. Interesting artifacts, mostly from Germany. I think one of the oldest relics in USA can be found here. Check out the plants and the cafe. Green region, people were on reading and sleeping on nicely cut grass. One can see George Washington bridge on Hudson from here.

1:00 PM – Out of cloisters and on broadway again.

1:27 PM 174th street and passed the united palace. Read the wonderful sign “Come on in or smile as you pass”


1:39 PM 164th street. I want to maintain 1 minute per block from now onwards. The signs are predominantly in Spanish. I think it is Spanish Harlem.

1:54 PM 148th street, it feels as if I am in New Delhi of 1990. People selling home based products on roads, group of men on roads chatting and laughing, small hand operated swings for children and they cost only $0.50.

2:14 PM 125th street, end of Harlem, Columbia Univ. begins. I stopped at a local place for a quick bite and some water.

3:03 PM 109th street, a gothic castle on my right. Massive and beautiful – Cathedral of St. John the divine

3:22 PM 81st street, I am thinking that I can anytime hop on the crosstown bus and go to east side and have an easier, less testing weekend but I moved on.

3:37 PM 73rd street – The area isn’t new to me, I have passed these streets many times. Same upper west side, columbus circle. Bustling with tourists. A mother and a father taking  a clever photograph at Columbus circle by holding the placards saying “Dear Casey, You mean the” then globe of columbus circle comes in picture and then “to us, Love Mom and Dad” 🙂

3:51 PM 61st street – Signs of leg pain; shall I stop. No, let’s see till where I can go. I have put on my earphones to distract myself.

4:29 PM 32nd street and I am off broadway, I avoid times square area like everyone does. The sun is shining right in my eyes and at times it became unbearable. I need AC. Manhattan needs trees.

4:55 PM Washington sq. park. I see a lot of Indians and many people in Indian attires. Someone tried to hand a book to me but I refused politely. It was Hare Krishna people doing their thing. I felt irritated to make my way through the milling crowd.

5:05 PM Entered SoHo. Ah! shadow of buildings. I have moved further away from Broadway.

5:22 PM – In Tribeca, upscale bars all around me. I can see One world trade center. I am near. Leg is quite stiff.

5:45 PM – I texted a friend that what is the probability that of all these people at battery park today there are more than one who have walked entire Manhattan? She called me.


Lady Liberty in the view



I might be stuck in time warp in few aspects of my life but music isn’t one of them. I shake a leg with the contemporary music numbers and whistle the oldies, as old as 40s music. Few days ago I listened to La Bamba’s creator’s Come on Let’s go. Ritchie Valens – a prodigy who died young but created few masterpieces before going away. What a song it is, I kept on listening to it for many hours on repeat. Pure Joy!!

Is New Delhi loud?

Here is a small experiment that I conducted on the noise levels in the city on a typical working day during my morning commute, stay at office and back to home. The same experiment was done in New York and San Francisco and a comparative chart was plotted to see the trend.

Check the article here :


The result : See for yourself!! By unnecessary honking and by blaring the loudspeakers you are causing stress not only to yourself but also causing hearing damage to yourself and other people in your vicinity.


Hyperbolic Issues

I shouldn’t be writing this post as I have few other things to tend to. Anyway, I was watching the TedX video on what’s so sexy about Math? and in the comments section someone had asked a cute question whether a straight line can pass through a curved surface? The answer is the famous hyperbolic slot. Those who don’t want to see how, the answer is yes, a straight line can pass through a curved surface. The hyperbola reminded me of parabola that in turn reminded me of parabola powered calculator that I saw in exploratorium – a science museum in SF bay area. The interesting tool is used to multiply two numbers. I am pasting a photograph that I took months ago here; the tool is not only easy to use but self explanatory.


The two points where the parabola and the string intersect are the two numbers whose product we wish to find. The point where the string touches the axis of the symmetry (vertical line passing through the vertex) is the value of the product of those two numbers.

I came across the conic sections i.e. ellipse, parabola and hyperbola in my class 11; I could gauge ellipse and parabola for I had seen the practical use of the two shapes but I could never imagine what on earth is this hyperbola. First of all, it has two curves and I never understood how can any object follow such a path. Too bad that no one showed the hyperbolic slot to us and internet  wasn’t as prevalent in those days( 2004) as it is now. One can learn anything on YouTube these days.

Anyway, few days ago I factory reset my Nexus 6P and checked all applications for the consistency. I opened the camera and took the photograph of my desk and wall.


And here was the hyperbola. The lamp shade’s shadow formed a hyperbolic curve on the wall.