Month: May 2016

The art of being naked

Human body sans clothes is the most natural expression but being in a raw and vegetative state is not acceptable in today’s society. Although there are exhibitionists, nude artists, photographers and few days ago while I was walking in central park I saw that few naked female artists were performing Shakespeare’s The Tempest, covering the privates is essential in today’s world. But those who live alone and have no fear of being voyeured at can take pleasure in this raw art in their own homes. Disclaimer : I am not promoting the idea and neither I had any such intention last Sunday.

Last Sunday, I woke up late than usual and after checking my mails and other social media, I dragged myself out of the bed and brushed my teeth. I came back inside the room and felt the immediate desire to take a bath. I tossed my t-shirt into laundry basket from where I was standing and along went my shorts and other things and in no time I was in natural form. The moment I started to enter the bathroom, my phone started ringing and I had to talk to that person who disturbed me at this auspicious moment. I felt quite uncomfortable while talking and felt as if she can see through the phone and I checked a few times that video is not switched on. After finishing the call, I sensed that my room is in disordered state and needs to be straightened up. It took me some time to clean the apartment, to remove the dust, to mop the floor and then run the vacuum. I was enervated a little but doing household work naked is fun. I sat on my chair and replied to many emails, listened to many songs, danced to their tunes and even had some food. I subscribe to buzzfeed on YouTube and I watched a prank video in which the try guys present sushi on their bodies to their colleagues. The horses of my imagination started galloping and I had salad for lunch. Read between the lines!! I lie down on the clean floor and stared at the ceiling for a while with my feet up on the chair in front of me. Eventually I forced myself up and decided to take a bath but then my OCD started acting up for more order in the world and I saw my kitchen and the sink which were living in a chaotic world. Cleaning up the dishes, kitchen and stove took me more than half an hour and I felt enervated again. I ran the vacuum on the rug again and decided to lie down on the floor for a while. I don’t remember when did I sleep but when I woke up it was already quite dark. I, in the same state, cooked something to eat and then watched the 5th episode of  Game of Thrones. After loitering for a while, I decided to take a warm bath and call it a day. It was fun. The amazing part was I understood what being comfortable in your skin can mean.


A good movie on Maths and more

I, in general, have been quite critical of Indian cinema. I cannot bear the fact that the worst movies get a lot of attention of the viewers and few good ones get sidelined. It doesn’t mean that there is dearth of quality cinema in India. One doesn’t need Pixar or Disney standard animations or special effects as we saw in transformers  or some star studded crew for a movie to draw attention. There have been many wonderful and even low budget movies that have done wonderfully not only in India but also globally. Nil Battey Sannata is one such gem produced recently and how delighted I was to watch it.

A simple movie with heartwarming story corroborated with lovely acting performances. It touches one dreadful aspect in the lives of many students i.e. Mathematics. A poor young girl in school in grade 10 is giving up on studies but her mother has high hopes for her. The girl thinks she will end up being a maid as her mother is. But is that so? The music and the songs are catchy.