2 Plants – 1 week project


My knowledge of Botany is minimal. I am one of those city people who can’t distinguish between cedar and oak. I know what a money plant looks like or as a matter of fact rose and sunflower too. I would be ambivalent in differentiating mango and guava leaves but I am confident about Eucalyptus trees and its leaves and so about the basil. When I talk to old people and when I hear them talking so confidently about plants and trees, I wish I had such dimension included in my education.

Never mind, my sister gave me 2 plants few months ago which were lush green and healthy. A picture for reference. I don’t know the names of these two.


I watered them often but soon the plant began to wither. My apartment gets sunlight only from the two large windows that I have and the heat radiator is directly below them. The heat from the radiator was quite strong and I being insouciant about the plants didn’t do much apart from moving them inside the apartment. The plants flourished again but withered again. This cycle went off and on for some time to reach a point where they just seemed dead to me. Leaf less and brown in stem, they spent their days on the window sill getting occasional dose of water flood from me.

As I have said, I possess no knowledge about the well being of plants, I can’t tell whether a plant is really dead or can be revived. I read few articles on internet and they said check the root, check the stem for pliability. The stems of my plants are brown and hollow, I don’t know whether the roots are alive or not. I have removed them from the pot and cleaned them and kept them in water bottles.(Some one suggested that to me) It is my attempt to revive them and I wish they do come back to life. I will observe them for a week and will post here daily on the progress. Your suggestions are welcome.

Here is the current photograph of the plants in the water.




I kept the bottles outside my window to give as much natural conditions as possible. I don’t see any improvement. The bark is still brown. The temperature of NYC varies to a great degree every day and it is causing humans to suffer, let alone the plant life.



Looking at the bottles, the water has changed the color. It is muddy brown in color now. I brought them inside to inspect any changes in health but it seems no improvement at all.


Wonder, what should be done!!!





    1. No, I don’t see any growth. It’s all brown. I don’t know what fleshy root means. I tried to pluck few of the roots which looked like dendrites, few came out easily but others were firm and intact.

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