Mind your language/Friends/Seinfeld

Watching TV shows from 1970s is a different experience. At that time there wasn’t any proliferation in the entertainment industry and at least few of the TV shows held true entertainment value. I happened to stumble upon Mind your language – a TV show from late 70s in England. It is about group of immigrants trying to learn English. Phrases such as Por favor, a thousand apologies, blimey, professori, Santa Maria, Okay-cockay remind me of the various characters present in the show. One can watch them on YouTube.

Having said that, I enjoy watching Seinfeld and Friends too. I have watched these multiple times and I still laugh at the jokes as if they are thrown at me completely renewed. Seinfeld is a little Manhattan based and jokes are more indigenous to NY lifestyle but it is hilarious. Who won’t like the dialogue delivery of Kramer who delivers with such a finality. I like the emotionless characters of Seinfeld. I can write loads about the characters of friends and there must be thousand of blogs on the same topic. It is an awesome feeling to be in the best city of the world and be with such an amazing group of friends. I don’t want to compare Seinfeld and Friends as to me both are good but Seinfeld was more realistic as the characters were narcissistic and took pleasure in the misfortunes of their friends while Friends had too many mushy moments. Friends paints a picture of an American dream for people in 20s and early 30s to live their lives in a great city of the world, free from traditions and having enough time and some money to enjoy it.

One thing that I see in these NY based shows is the the old skyline of the city and old Manhattan. Every time I see the twin towers in shows, it feels a little uneasy. Knowing that human life was obliterated for whatever reasons makes me fume. Seeing how technology has changed is also great. I remember Chandler stating the specs of his new laptop which are laughable in today’s terms. But at that time, it must be a powerful machine. 🙂


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