Just writing a quick note here. Today morning I woke up and my google news threw up Jane Elliot’s blue eyes – brown eyes experiment to me. Jane Elliot’s methods have been questioned many times. I personally cannot accept the blanket statement that “All white people are racists”. She presses this point vehemently. But in any case, the experiments she conducts with groups are interesting in nature. After I finished it reading, another news item regarding racism was suggested by google.


Can we compare these two?


Gap kids is apologizing and taking down one advertisement that people are saying has huge component of racism. May be that is the case or may be it isn’t. But I want to know why do you want to categorize everything into race, why can’t you just let it be. Why do you have to see discrimination in everything. I am not denying the fact that racism is deep rooted. It does and it does big time and in USA it is a big deal but why do we have to  put a filter of color of skin before our eyes to judge everything critically. I am not here to judge or imbue my opinions but sometimes it becomes redundant.



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