Whenever human life is obliterated for inexplicable barbaric causes, I feel enraged. Tuesday was one such day. I woke up and checked the news feed on my phone with half opened eyes and here was the news “twin blasts in Brussels”; I immediately sat up straight and opened few newspaper websites and there it was. “They” struck again. Throughout the day, I was waiting for Facebook feeds from certain people who get loudly vociferous whenever there is a news of immigrant crisis in Europe and how many European nations aren’t able to cope with the situation. And right I was. Multiple posts from those people but none focused on condemning the attacks or criticizing the perpetrators. Almost all the posts were directed towards the issue that what would be the general sentiment towards the immigrants/refugees post these blasts. I empathize with the war victims; it is a heinous crime to drive someone out of his home and strip him of his fundamental rights. I remember one short poem “No one wants to put his children in boats; It happens when water becomes safer than the lands.” I get it bigtime that the crisis war torn victims are facing is acute but I also won’t deny the fact that any nation that is  compromising its internal security and jeopardizing the safety of its own people by taking in people from other countries is not very wise. I am not saying that these bombs were planted by immigrant population. No! But you cannot deny the fact that extremists hide themselves in the general population and few pose as immigrants themselves and cross the borders easily. 

It is a warning sign for the world that DAESH has the capability to strike at its will. There is a general sentiment that blames US, England, France and few other nations who have supposedly created the ISIS. I am not going to debate on this topic but will focus on exigent issue of solving this problem which has blown itself out of proportion. Many European nations have been serving as breeding grounds for radicalized religious fanatics. Molenbeek is one such tiny place in Brussels, we call it Croissant Pauvre in Brussels and banlieues in France. In myriad articles that I have read, discrimination, lack of education and employment opportunities are cited as the reasons why the youths are taking to terrorism and keen on joining the religious war for ISIS. It is high time that we don’t turn a blind eye at these no-go places and straighten them out. Not only listen to what their concerns are but also develop a plan of action to introduce them to mainstream society and strict actions such as deportation, expulsion or arrests should be taken against those who preach and propagate radicalized religious propaganda. 

Europe is general is pretty laid back and suffers from lassitude and inaction. The Europeans still carry the romantic image that nothing will happen to them and the belief has been punctured many times in the past by the radicals. It is time to wake up and tighten the reins. Create a sense of belonging for people likely to stray and tighten the reins on anything that can disturb the balance of a mature society. Safety of your own citizens is much more important point than any other humanitarian crisis. I was talking to a friend from Austria and she told me that around 40% Austrians would fall under category of poor if Govt. withholds the services it provides to its citizens. Now do the math, same number of resources but add more mouths to feed at an exponential rate. Results can lead to dissatisfaction as Govt. can’t maintain the status quo of “provider” and it can crop up civil war.

 Just because I was born to parents who follow a different religion doesn’t mean I need to die in a bomb blast. Actions must be taken fast otherwise it will be difficult to handle these Abdeslams who are roaming among us in disguised form.



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