Museum of Natural History

Funny story, few days ago I was trolling the natural history museum and there was this “cool dude” Thor type character hanging around the rocks and meteorites. An old man, who supposedly works at the museum, was explaining to kids what meteors are while our protagonist was checking how much would he weigh on moon by standing on a weighing balance and was touching his biceps persistently as if his arms would pack their bags and leave him if he didn’t touch them. He showed interest in Halley’s comet and the old man explained what it is but like every movie the hero must have more dialogues than anyone else, he interrupted the trajectory of comet and said passionately in his deep baritone”My girlfriend’s name is Sally. Salley- Halley, same same.” And the proverbial rocket scientist juxtaposed his oracle with diabolical laughter. He added “so, like, if like , I also, like discover a comet then I can name it after my girl Sally, right? That would be so cool!!” and then shouted from across the hall “Hey Sally! babe!! Hey babe! I am gonna find a comet and name it after you”. I said to myself, hmmm! that’s exactly how Galileo started. I wanted to see who this Sally is, the girlfriend of our budding Tycho Brahe. She came running towards him and said “you know it takes forever to go to Mars, why these people at NASA or something can’t make it faster. I am not going to Mars unless they speed it up”. I started appreciating that girl from that moment itself- after all,how ambitious she is! Then they started talking about some astronomical distances and the number “million” cropped up which baffled both of them. But our cool dude, Himesh Reshamiya, had answer to all the problems – “so babe!! keep it simple, whatever is greater than a thousand becomes a million and in other countries like “London” they call it a billion” and that was the final conversation between Marie and Pierre Curie before I walked into river Hudson and accepted death.


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