How to do laundry?

Doing the laundry is so monotonous that it feels like my colorful life has turned into a monochrome movie of 1940s. I tend to postpone it as far as I can by exhausting all the clothes that I have. And sometimes I go to an extent that I have to sit in my office clothes at home as I run out of the supply of the clothes to wear. Eventually one fine day the balance in the world needs to be restored and I have to go down to the basement of the building to get caught up in the washing,waiting and drying cycle. Washing cycle is 37 min and drying is 42 min long. The ingredients for doing the laundry are :

  1. Lot of dirty clothes
  2. Detergent
  3. Quarters ($ 0.25)
  4. Most important – Will and the patience to do this hard work.

I have observed I make a big deal out of this task most of the time. I  would text almost anyone who is available to listen to my woes that I have to do this horrible task today and I am very occupied. So, don’t think I loiter around all the time and don’t have any goals in my life. Usually in the morning I would decide to do the load and after collecting all the required material at one place I would try to go out of the door but Netflix, YouTube and Hulu would put obstructions in my path by highlighting interesting videos and movies. They should be sued for they are the accomplices in wasting millions of important hours of general population. After random browsing for few hours I would get up and will have something to eat. Then usually I feel drowsy and take a nap to recharge myself as it is a universal fact that laundry requires will, patience and energy- see point 4 above. The nap can be of any duration from an hour to 3 hours. Upon getting up I would again engage myself in arbitrary stuff that shouldn’t require my immediate attention but oh well I haven’t read “The Power of Now” ! Then I would realize I haven’t taken bath and I should do so as not taking bath is work of satan( and wearing dirty clothes is work of saints – talk about my double standards). The bathing period will start and eventually it would be late evening that would make me push the task for next day.

The same thing has been happening with me over and over again for I don’t know how many years. The laundry day has always been like that and I would love to hear from you to make the amendments in my personal constitution of land of laundry.



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