Wallet Minimalism

I try to advocate the idea of minimalism in life. I tried with wallet minimalism before but after few months my wallet became the Loch ness monster and it is not only a pain to carry it in back pocket and sit on a chair but also a Bermuda triangle for all the frivolous things that I collect.

I am trying it once again. Right now I have 2 credit cards, one ATM/debit card, one health insurance card, driving license, a library card, an office ID card, one NYC subway card and a $10 bill. It looks quite sleek and I would definitely call it “size zero” 😀


Earlier I had even expired credit cards, stamps, contact cards of people I never contact, random receipts from ATMs, groceries, restaurants etc, metro cards of almost all the cites I have been to. Well, I hope this time I do succeed in keeping it minimal.



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