Before starting my day’s work I thought of coming here and jotting something down. Cinema and music have profound effect on one’s sensibilities and it creeps in slowly that makes you altogether a different person in part. Both invoke emotions and feelings sometimes unknown to ourselves. When I was 9 years old I watched a movie named Halo on national TV of India – Doordarshan. The name shouldn’t be confused with the famous game series. The movie is about a little girl, my age at that time who doesn’t have a mother and she lives with her father and sister. She finds solace in a puppy she finds on road and becomes great friend with the dog and eventually adopts it and gives it the name – Halo. In the unfortunate Bombay blasts of 1994 the puppy gets lost and the movie is about her struggle to find him. The last 20 minutes of the movie are tearjerker. I cried my eyes and heart out when I watched it for the first time. Well, what does a 9 year old knows about the world ? The movie is a delight to watch.



Someone uploaded the movie in parts on YouTube

No one was ready to release the movie as it didn’t have potential to rake money at box office so the director of the movie put money from his pocket to release this masterpiece.


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