Winterstorm Jonas

So, yesterday NYC and most of the east coast was battered and blasted by the winterstorm named Jonas. The weather channel which is famous for making mountain out of molehill had been posting videos about it a week in advance. I sometimes think why they try to sensationalize everything. The storm was about to last for a day and a half only not for weeks. Why do people need to prepare for the emergency kits and supplies for such a short time? Its beyond my understanding. Most of the businesses were closed down which is understandable as there was a travel advisory by the NYPD and federal agencies. You could get arrested if you are seen driving on roads post 2:30 PM. Well, I did see one or two cars breaking this rule but people are people.

Talking of snow and the blizzard. Yes, the snow was more than expected. Earlier 8 to 12 inches was the forecast which changed to 20 inch and then to 28 inches. It was fun to watch kids playing on the streets. Almost everyone was having a snowball fight and kids were sledding on the slopes. Too many snowmen were being built and it was a great sight. I did go out as usual, as the bad weather and blizzards are my cup of tea. It wasn’t that bad as the once I faced few years ago in Chicago when I wasn’t even able to open my eyes and keep my face up as the snow was hitting everything like small needles.

I went out for a short visit to Carl Shurz park near east river to see how bad the scene is at around 10:30 and got few shots of the persistent and ardent snowstorm.


Carl Shurz- entrance on 84th street


The benches

I came home as I was quite tired from that short walk and went out again to the west during evening. The central park didn’t look like central park. It was a snow-appocalypse there. As I am appreciate intense weather conditions deeply, I was astounded by the snow battering. People were looking at me as I removed my cap to feel the snow. My beard already was frozen as the snow had turned to ice. Sharing few shots from the CP



A place that was once known as the great lawn


A lovely shot


The above shot which I captioned lovely wasn’t that lovely when I actually lost my way around central park – Thanks to poor visibility. Instead of coming out of the east side I came out of west 84th street and I was horrified. Thanks to google maps and my nexus 6p that I feared might shut down as it already had absorbed so much moisture, that I reached home safely.


The lovely east side of the park

The storm has left the city paralyzed and the cleaning process is arduous but it is what it is.



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