The photo Nazis

It’s not something new to us, it’s conspicuous and nowadays a little irksome. Today, IT team at my office had to reimage( reinstall the OS)my laptop that rendered me workless for many hours. I decided to take a walk to the Natural history museum on 81st west side of central park. I am a member but I visit rarely. I had heard of the largest dinosaur that they had housed recently, so I wanted to take a glimpse of that. As usually there were many tourists enjoying all the biological,chemical,physical,geological sciences. I hardly took my phone out to click any photo but all were not like me. Putting a camera into phone was a huge mistake. Everyone keeps on recording everything , I don’t know when do they find the time to view all those recordings of theirs. Not only recordings but also photographs. People take photos of each and everything that exist or doesn’t exist on the planet. It seems to me that they are working in some soviet gulag and their job is to take photograph of everything. Although it is possible that they are seeing all those things for the first time. But trust me, when I was a kid I was more interested in experiencing whatever I was seeing than capturing it with the help of some optical device. The film cameras were amazing, you would take 25 photos develop the 25 and will look at all 25 of them but nowadays you click 4000 photos , develop none and look at none. Times were simpler back then. I remember when I went to skydeck of Willis tower in Chicago , there was a girl who clicked at least 700-800 selfies in 3 hour period I’m every possible pose with help of selfie stick. We are not generation self obsessed, we are more aware and more cautious than many of our predecessors but this obsessive photograph taking,too much instagramming, snap chatting, Facebooking at drop of the hat is putting our wrong feet forward.
Anyway, of you are interested in titanosaurs. Its here 🙂




Massive giant. 70 tonnes, 122 foot ,herbivore found in present day Patagonia region.


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