The Easy life

Given the right ingredients, spaghetti pasta would be my go to food. I don’t like precooked or canned food because of the preservatives and cooking your own food gives me a sense of satisfaction and self sufficiency(there is a psychological aspect of this but let’s not get into tit right now). Its nice to see the final product(if everything comes out to be fine) created from the mere ingredients. Many of my friends eat and cook pasta as its easy to cook but they use grocery store tomato purees which I don’t like. Creating your own gravy/sauce is easy and so is creating your own homemade pasta.

  1.  I use the usual rice noodles that I get from whole foods or any other grocery store.IMG_20160118_141834.jpg
  2.  Boil them in water, I add some oil and salt to make the boiling process smooth. Boil them enough so they are not raw and not that much so it turns out to be a mesh.IMG_20160118_141842.jpg
  3. Chop onions , garlic and some ginger. I use a manual cutter for the same which is very handy.IMG_20160118_141903.jpgIMG_20160118_141916.jpg
  4. Same is done for tomatoes. I use 2-3 tomatoes for the same and I have used the same cutter as above for getting this paste.IMG_20160118_141849.jpg
  5. Heat some oil in skillet.IMG_20160118_142153.jpg
  6. Fry the ginger once the oil is hot.IMG_20160118_142240.jpg
  7. Add onions and garlic and fry them until they are golden brown and have less moisture.IMG_20160118_142410.jpg
  8. Add spices you want to add. I have added red pepper, chilli flakes, dry basil leaves, black pepper and oregano.IMG_20160118_142656.jpg
  9. Let the spices cook for a while (approx 2-3 min, don’t let them burn)
  10. Add the spaghetti.IMG_20160118_142850.jpg
  11. Mix everything carefully. Mixing is important and should be done carefully as the spaghetti would be soft and can turn into gooey mesh. Turn things over from the bottom of skillet slowly and steadily.IMG_20160118_143112.jpg


And your lunch is ready in less than 20 minute. No preservatives at all except the one in the noodle that I got from whole foods.



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