Window to an outer world

Though the title of the post sounds “deep”, “thought provoking” and “philosophical” but there is nothing scholarly about this article. But digressing a little bit I would concur that window is the best part of any room, its an opening to an outer world, its a hope that there is something other than the room in this world, and its a realization that only a brick wall separates us from the outer world and we can at any point leave the inner sanctums to explore the Parthenon of exterior world. Enough philosophy ! I have two double hung windows that actually are as large as any French windows in my apartment. And I love them ! Few months ago I came back from office and was inserting the keys in the main door to enter the building and at that moment I was stopped by an old woman. She introduced herself as Mrs. Atkinson and we exchanged pleasantries as the decorum of the civil world says. Upper east side of Manhattan is famous for wealthy old people and lack of night life although I can argue against this Vox Populi as we have Penrose, Heidelberg ! In your face !! She said its very nice that we have vivid and alive diaspora in the Yorkville neighborhood and I was thinking that I am glad that I don’t have to pee otherwise it could have been awkward. She went on to say that for past 25 years she and her husband take their evening coffee at 6 pm in their balcony during the spring and during summers. And 6 pm is generally the time you come home. I thought about 6 pm for a while as I had seen a video on senior dating problems; In that video,which you can check out here , women are complaining that men asked them out for dinner at 7:00 pm which is not acceptable as in their world dinner is 4:30 and anything after 7:00 is a booty call. Its hilarious ! Mrs. A continued in a hesitant manner and said “dear ! I don’t know how t say this but you know we can see you through your window  and I was only wondering whether you are aware of this. It gets a little uncomfortable for us as our balcony faces your room and despite the tree we have clear line of sight.” I was a little startled and tried to speak but words got garbled up and something like uhhmmaakmm came out. She continued and said “I am so sorry dear, I had no intention to embarrass you but I had to let you know”. I should make it clear here that I don’t do any socially prohibitive activity in my apartment. I calculated in my mind that only my study table is visible to her from her position and I use that only for office work, writing or sitting while on chair just after coming from office and letting the sweat from the body dry. In that case I do get a little negligent towards clothes but hey there is nothing for anyone who is interested in any type of voyeurism. And there is this massive green tree just outside my window that should block “ideally” any attempt to see into the apartment but I guess nothing can be hidden from Mrs. A’s X ray vision. I explained to her that out of the two windows I had put curtain on only one as the other window has radiator just below it and I couldn’t find the right size curtain and I always had assumed that the tree provides a camouflage that renders me almost invisible. She laughed at my answer and said she better go for her tea and invited me for lunch on coming Saturday. I did go to the lunch and examined the point of interest- the majestic balcony- myself. And boy ! she wasn’t wrong. I have always under appreciated optics in my Physics courses and optics trumped this time.


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