Foot in mouth

Finally after 2 weeks of lying in bed and lolling around in my apartment, I was taken by my hospice for a brief outing to the nearest grocery store- Morton Williams 😛 . I was excited to see the outer world once again. I have noticed that mostly senior citizens shop during the day and during weekdays. There was a woman in a wheelchair, she was little on the heavier side. We started talking about random stuff such as Christmas shopping, weather etc. After good 20-25 minute conversation with her, I asked her “so, when is the baby due” with a smile. She said with raised eyebrow “What baby ?”. Oh my ! I wished an earthquake to gobble me up that moment itself. I apologized and made some pathetic excuse to get out of there.

I don’t know for how long will I live but cause of death will be “strangulation in public place by random stranger”


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