Neighbors in Manhattan


I admit it that I am a bundle of disasters.In Manhattan you don’t talk to your neighbors. You just nod at them or give a politically correct smile in case you meet them on stairs. Keeping up with the tradition I have the similar rapport with all of my neighbors. I just know names of 2 people who live on my floor, I have talked to one of them and haven’t seen the other at all. There is another guy on the floor above who is extra enthusiastic and waves at me by calling my name from a distance.  I think its too late to ask his name, its been two years now. Its not my mistake if he has  Hyperthymestic  syndrome (those who remember everything) and I am only an ordinary human. Just above me lives a girl who seems to have Thor’s hammer and she keeps throwing it from one point of room to other. There is another woman with a furry dog, she seems to be amazon freak as she orders tonnes of bulky stuff every now and then. I wonder if Bermuda triangle is in her apartment itself.Let’s come to the story. Few days ago I was entering my building and was opening the lock of front gate. A man with shady looks was standing near the door and said “Oh good ! you are here, I have been standing here for a long time. She is not buzzing me in, (few expletives) what is she doing in there. Its wasting my time”. At first I thought he is a delivery guy but his looks were very unpromising. He had a baseball hat, a little bit on healthier side, his blue jeans was covered with grease from a mechanic shop so was his shirt. His hands were black ,he was smoking a cigarette and had a carry bag in his hand. I said to him “I don’t know you, I cannot buzz you in. But if you tell me what floor are you looking for then I can knock the door and ask them to buzz you in”. Seemed a decent and fair proposition to me. By this time I had opened the door and closed it in front of his face. He stared at me as a hungry lion stares at a gazelle in Serengeti. I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door of the apartment , actually it was my neighbor’s door whom I had never seen. No one replied and no one answered. I entered my room and from the window I yelled at the guy standing that no one is opening the door, come back later.

Life went its course for a couple of days until few days ago I found a small dog like thing peeing on my front door. I just returned from my office and saw this small creature peeing in front of my door.The dog ran into the apartment in front of me. I thought the liquid will dry up and I will later throw some clorex on it. Minimum work !!  But it became a regular affair for that tiny dog and  on the third instance I decided to complain. I went down, learned the name of the guy from the mailbox and knocked on the door. A woman with disheveled appearance opened the door, I asked for Mr. X and he came to the door. It was the same guy who was standing in front of the door few days ago and I refused to let him in. I exclaimed , Oh you ! Never mind, your dog is peeing on my door, would you mind cleaning it. He was just staring at me . I said once more, “your dog cannot pee on my door, make it stop and please clean it”.  I said “you can ask your house cleaner to clean it”. To this he said “she is my wife” . Oops moment for me. I backed off a little and said “clean that thing up please” . He did clean that and the dog evolved to use human toilets but since then whenever I see that guy or his wife I get one X ray stare from them.


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