Single during holidays?

I sometimes think being with friends and family all the time is overrated. A person can enjoy his time alone but holiday season is a vicious time that can mark a dent is this staggering confidence of all the singles in the world. Apart from the holidays there are other ways carved out by the ruthless committed and married people in the world to make the singles in the world feel miserable, left out, ostracized. Though I am not sure about the ulterior motives here. May be they are really happy or they are doing that in spite of the independence of singles. Whatever may be the case, this tug of war is never ending. Facebook causes depression. Period. Too many people in my friends list are getting married and are posting photographs of the wedding ceremony on the social media. Such people should be arrested and should be sentenced for life. They are major cause of social depression in the society. I mean, they will post anything and everything that exist or doesn’t exist on the planet. Those who are married for some time relive the moments by posting 2 minute long slide shows of their photos with background music from “Sound of music or Casablanca”. All the movie making and Photoshop software should come with an extra “Terms and conditions” point that the software cannot be used for such unethical and anti social purposes. Facebook adds a cherry on the top by providing “How are you feeling now” option. Yada Yada Yada eating dinner at some arbitrary place and “feeling blessed” with “xyz”. My brain is impotent to understand this concept. Valentine’s day is another one dark recurring day in lives of singles.This lol cat is adding insult to injury here.


True that !

Have you ever seen the look given by the waiters at some high class diners when you ask “a table for one”. I am just asking a table for single person not asking you to donate your kidney. Apart from such frosty nose stares by the different people from the society there is the empathetic  creed. I am telling you they are the worse. “Keep faith my dear ! May be this is your year. You never know what life brings to you” . Thanks for these words; I feel reincarnated and “blessed”. Its like you are giving hope and life to US Soccer team that they will win the Fifa would cup or telling 1899 Cleveland Spiders that they have best home runs.

All the travel websites should be sued for they offer discounts when you travel with more than one person. All those traveling alone for vacations should be given special status for they are confident and brave enough to leave the comfort of their bed and are willing to see something new.

At the finishing note of my rant I would say no I am not single, I have been sharing my bed with 2 towels, an iPad, a t shirt, a bag of potato chips, earphones 3 pillows and a pair of socks for a long time now and have been calculating length of diagonal of my rectangular bed in my sleep 



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