A Marathon tale

Yesterday, I ran my first marathon despite not being in best of health.  My body is crying for help. Everything is hurting from hips to knees and from back to toes. I quit running on the 19th mile and walked the remaining distance. If I were alone I wouldn’t have gone for even 10 miles but there is something about the New York’s crowd- it cheers you up and makes you push your limits. I got a cheer when I ran past  east 81st street on 1st avenue – Yorkville, the place where I live. At 19th mile I just sat on the road thinking whether to quit. An old couple who was distributing bananas gave me wet kleenex and a pair of socks for my toes were bleeding. I injured my feet and ankle ,pulled hamstrings and have sore toes but I felt ecstatic.


I came across the small documentary by ESPN about Joy Johnson , the woman who ran 25 New York marathons. She was 86 and passed away hours after finishing her 25th marathon. She never ran before the age of 59. I am overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and perseverance shown by the great woman.


An excerpt from the interview of the director of the documentary “I love that she found a passion for running so late in life. At age 59, most people are thinking about retiring and sitting on a beach. She started running and fell in love with something brand new, which is so cool. Most 30-year-olds feel lost if they aren’t on the “right” path. She taught us it’s never too late to try — or fall in love with — a new direction.”


Image Source :   http://www.nytimes.com/news/the-lives-they-lived/2013/12/21/joy-johnson/



    1. Thanks ! I read your blog, quite amazing and detailed. There were people shouting “You got it, you got it” , “You have worked hard for this, few more few more miles”, I think the cheering of the crowd helped a lot. On 19th mile when I was just sitting on the road thinking whether to quit or not an old lady gave me kleenex wipes and offered a new pair of socks for my toe were bleeding.

      1. Thanks Prashant! It was my first marathon and I loved the NYC crowds. So much support. All was well but those banana peels though! :)))

      2. It was my first marathon too and I never ran beyond 12 miles during training and always walked to take breaks. I didn’t see banana peels and garbage but only after the 16th – 17th mile I guess . Did you get your finisher T shirt?

      3. Yes, it’s more like a sweater. My longest run was 21 miles and I was still anxious but you’re brave jumping head first with 12 miles 🙂 Planning on doing it next year?

      4. 21 miles is a good run. Do you take walking breaks in between? I never was hell bent on finishing it. I had resolved to quit in case it gets unbearable but eventually things fell in place. I will try next year but before that I will have to work on my breathing and also my irregular heart rate. My running is not optimised ;its more a mix of sprint, jog and walk. It needs to be corrected. But before everything I guess I have injured my glute muscles, its still paining a little .

      5. Ouch! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Nope, I didn’t walk. Slowed down considerably on steeper inclines but no walking. When I stop to walk my muscles contract and it’s so hard picking back up.

      6. Just ‘follow’ the blog and you’ll get the notice when I’ll be posting those. I also want to write one about the training, mistakes I made during it and other tips, as these might be useful for some.

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