Month: November 2015

Hair, American Indians, Buddhist monks


Today morning I read an article about how hair can act as  sixth sense. The article provided the proof in terms of the experiments conducted by the US Govt. during the Vietnam war. US army recruited native American Indians who have the ability to pass through and navigate tough terrain and have excellent tracking abilities. Such people were scoured for and then trained and enlisted in the army. But the moment they disguised themselves as American soldiers they lost all the supernatural abilities they had of sensing danger. They fared badly as compared to when they hadn’t cut their hair short. For some reasons a lot of information in this research has been “termed” classified.

Hair is thought to be an extension of the nervous system, kind of antennae or receptors of signals.  Hair can emit electromagnetic waves. Kirlian photography or auras as we call them in layman term provides some more literature on the same topic.

In my class 12 Physics course, I read about the charge accumulation at the tip of a conducting surface – corona discharge. That is the reason we have pointed conductors at the top of our buildings.

In ancient Hindu system, students keep a shikha / choti . There are philosophical reasons behind it ( hair contribute to vanity and thus ego. So as a student one has to shun all the ego) but I always thought there might be a practical reason too.sikha_thumb_large

It is possible that the tip of this collective hair stand act as the communication channel between the inner and the outer world. The charge gets accumulated at the tip and can be transferred to or from one system to other.

The American Indian logic leads me to think about the Buddhist monks who don’t keep any hair at all. They are also aware and can sense the surroundings.

At this point of time I can only say that different cultures have different practices and its not apple to apple comparison. But hair do have certain importance.

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Best running songs

I am stuck in a time warp for many things in my life; I want them to be the way they are- no alterations ! But one aspect which is always evolving is music. I scour the internet, shazam , watch documentaries for the music and keep adding to my collection. I hope that might be the case with most of the people.

I need to focus while running and need a little adrenaline rush too. These needs are catered differently for different people. For me I have a playlist to which I keep adding and subtracting the tracks and here are few (not necessarily in the order of preference)

Baba O’ Riley  by The Who

Don’t stop believin’ by Journey

Beautiful day by U2

Eye of the tiger by Survivor

Lose yourself by Eminem

All these things that I’ve done by The killers    ** I ran my last half mile in the marathon while listening to this song.

Nature Morte by Andrea Lindsay ** Sweet French song

Home by Gab Velazquez

Just one last time by David Guetta

Ello by Waybeyond

Turn by Travis

99 Luftballons by Nena ** German hitfrom 90s

Auf Uns ** German

I am gonna be 500 miles by The proclaimers

An Irish party in third class from Titanic movie

I bet my life (Alex Adair remix) by Imagine Dragons

Bricks or coconuts by Jacuzzi boys

It’s time by Imagine dragons

Flint hill special by Earl Scruggs

Cacada by Chico Buarque ** Brazilian classic that I heard in a cafe ; I liked the music and good for slow running

This modern love by bloc party

Levels by Avicci

Let me take a selfie by The chainsmokers ** Admit that the music is pumping

Burn – Tiesto Club life remix by Ellie Goulding

Tubthumping -Radio edit by Chumbabawa

When we were young  by Dillon Francis

Good life remix by One republic

Eventually the desired result is a great run because we are born to run (a nice read if you want more on running )

Enjoy !

After Ma(ra)th – on

After the Sunday’s marathon, I worked from home on Monday and Tuesday and went out for a walk on Tuesday evening. I didn’t want to cook so I got a tartine( a Belgian open sandwich) and soup from le pain quotidien located at 1st Av. and 83rd st. The sandwich had a lot of oil(harissa) in it and after 2 slices I decided not to have it more and have the soup as my throat had started paining. Next morning I decided to resume running. Geared up, I went out and started the routine. Something didn’t feel right but I didn’t give much heed. After around 0.9 mile I started heaving and was on verge of collapse. I sat down on the sidewalk to gather myself. My head was spinning and I was gasping for breaths.Throat was paining a lot. Something was terribly wrong. I reached home and sat on the floor and dozed off. I woke up with a choking feeling, threw the phlegm and heated water in a dizzy state for gargling. I put on some warm clothes and scoured the apartment for any paracetamol and cetrizine(antihistamine). I couldn’t find any and had no strength at all to go to CVS which is literally stone’s throw distance from me. In my medicine box there were tablets of Moxikind and deriphylline. These were the medicines I took when I had a brief but intense interaction with bronchitis 10 years ago. It clicked me at once. The oil from that sandwich switched on the bronchitis attack by irritating my throat. I popped up a pill of each and went to bed. Next morning I did feel a little better but my wonderful body has a tendency to develop fever every time I get sore throat. And the fever followed. I laid in my bed for 2 straight days watching arbitrary YouTube videos and sleeping. The most difficult thing was arranging food. I needed soups, breads and light sandwiches. Eat24, Seamless and Grubhub offer great services but I couldn’t rely on the external food material and the oil. I stood in front of kitchen for some time thinking what to cook and I realized that I have to cook for myself and no one else. I am not doing favor to anyone by cooking for myself. Yes, I didn’t have the strength to stand up for long but it made me think of all the mothers who cook for their families. Every day without fail. In sickness and in health, they manage to put at least some kind of edible food material on the table. And here I am trying to chicken out. I gathered my strength and prepared few sandwiches, lentil soup for myself. I am not fully recovered yet. I slept till 8 am today, cleaned the apartment a little bit, took a shower. I still have weakness in my legs,my breath is still warmer than normal, temperature is high but throat pain has subsided.

Till now, I had seen the plus sides of living alone but this week showed me being ill and alone in NY is tough but one has to move on.

A Marathon tale

Yesterday, I ran my first marathon despite not being in best of health.  My body is crying for help. Everything is hurting from hips to knees and from back to toes. I quit running on the 19th mile and walked the remaining distance. If I were alone I wouldn’t have gone for even 10 miles but there is something about the New York’s crowd- it cheers you up and makes you push your limits. I got a cheer when I ran past  east 81st street on 1st avenue – Yorkville, the place where I live. At 19th mile I just sat on the road thinking whether to quit. An old couple who was distributing bananas gave me wet kleenex and a pair of socks for my toes were bleeding. I injured my feet and ankle ,pulled hamstrings and have sore toes but I felt ecstatic.


I came across the small documentary by ESPN about Joy Johnson , the woman who ran 25 New York marathons. She was 86 and passed away hours after finishing her 25th marathon. She never ran before the age of 59. I am overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and perseverance shown by the great woman.


An excerpt from the interview of the director of the documentary “I love that she found a passion for running so late in life. At age 59, most people are thinking about retiring and sitting on a beach. She started running and fell in love with something brand new, which is so cool. Most 30-year-olds feel lost if they aren’t on the “right” path. She taught us it’s never too late to try — or fall in love with — a new direction.”

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