Month: September 2015

Coldplay – fix you

There are many songs in my playlist but there is a gem which I have discovered recently. Its an old song but better late than never.

Fix you is one of the best songs by coldplay. Its just so different from the hoochie- cooch prevalent these days.

We are blessed to be born in the generation of YouTube.

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Hypocrisy of the east

There is a powerful propaganda going in the eastern and non western parts of the world that says yes to modernization but no to westernization. What does that even mean? May be it means that we want the technology of the western world, we want the apple products, we want to work in google, Microsoft, NASA but we will keep looking at the western world as a place which is immoral and will be sheepishly jingoistic about our own.

Apart from that we come across so many people in daily life who are literate but are impotent and not receptive to anything new to a degree that they start making radical statements. You might not like what the person in front of you is saying but part of education is the willingness to listen to what you don’t like and then weighing the matter logically, intellectually but never radically.

Meet fellow bloggers – Introduce yourselves

You never know with whom you will cross the path with and who will become a life long addition to your list of friends. Internet is a great way to meet people; I met few of the greatest people I know through social media and its been a bliss.


Take a moment to say Hi ! to all wonderful people out there.

  1. Write few lines about yourself.
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  3. Anything you want to share

I will start with mine in the comments.

England and Football

In 2012, I wasn’t much concerned with English premier league and knew only Man united, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Everton, Arsenal as the clubs playing in EPL. Manchester United is generally glorified as the greatest football club of England but one match of 2012 changed everything. I had no intention to watch this match but I did and I am glad I did. A friend of mine who was about to get married asked me to meet in Connaught Place,New Delhi so she could give me the wedding invitation card. Most of the places were full being a Sunday ,so we sat at this place called route 04. I saw a lot of people in sky blue jersey and concluded that there must be some soccer match. It was the final match between Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers. I generally read things on internet and I gathered quite a lot of info about rivalry between city and united. Many English people were also there, at least 50 in number. By half time the place was full and the score was 1-1. I was talking to the people and was taking great interest in the game. My friend had already left and something was compelling me to stay. I had gathered the info that its been 44 years since Manchester City won the title. There was an old Englishman who was gulping his beer down and was bucking Man. City up. He must be around 75 years of age and the way he was supporting his team was splendid. QPR scored another goal at around 70th minute or so and the hopes for Man. City dashed out of the window. The game was nearing 90 minutes and QPR was destined to win. I didn’t want to stay but I had asked a friend of mine to pick me up and he gave ETA of 25 minute to me. There was extra time of 5 minute in the game and I can say they were one of the most exciting five minutes of my life. I wasn’t the die hard fan of city but I so much wanted them to win. My heart was pounding all the time and was virtually in my throat. In 92nd minute, someone scored an equalizer for city and the bar went berserk. It meant that game might go on and city had real chance to win.


In 94th minute a short pass by one player gave Aguero the chance to net the ball and seal the deal for Manchester City then and there itself. Next thing I remember is that I shouted for next two minutes. I don’t know how many people did we hug.The crowd in the stadium went crazy and so did it in the tiny bar of New Delhi. I actually saw people sobbing. What a moment that was ! So exhilarating! Such passion, such nerves! It was a sea wave of emotions for every Man City fan. I can imagine how it would be inside any club/pub/bar of England. It was an amalgam of emotions for everyone. In the 60s, 70s and 80s minutes of the game, the frustration was conspicuous as the city fans were banging the fists on solid platforms and when something that intense results into a favorable result ,its indeed sweet. The game is etched in my memory forever unless I get Alzheimer 🙂

Why am I writing this post 3 years after the match? Because internet is a wonderful thing and videos on migrant crisis in Europe on YouTube lead me to football and based on my browser’s history this video was a recommendation.