Month: July 2015

Scandinavia Trip – How it Started


I was absent from the blogging world for quite a while but this brief trip of mine to Europe has given me a good reason to return and punch the keys of my keyboard.

I was literally frustrated; The big apple is great but if your mind ain’t in the right zone then nothing is. Things were seeming static and the monotony of mundane life was eating me like rust on a boat. Few days ago a friend of mine gave me a visa invitation to Schengen area. I applied for the visa but I wasn’t very sure whether I would be taking the trip. I gathered all the required documents ,bought a travel insurance for some arbitrary period that costed me only $6,went to website of KLM to get a trip itinerary and then went to embassy of Denmark to get my visa. I think I received an email from the VFS office that my passport is ready for collection in 3 day period only. Next day, I went to collect my passport and saw that I was issued a 2 month’s visa. Till then I had no plan to go there and my focus was on few other aspects of life.

8th July’2015 Monday, 7:45 pm I am sitting in my office and trying to work on some problem. After few unsuccessful attempts I got up to take a stroll in the office itself. I looked down from high rise office building in midtown Manhattan, it was the usual sight. People running for one reason or the other. Man ! I need a break otherwise I will go mad, I thought. I packed my bag and left the office. One train ride away from home I stationed myself at Budapest cafe on 2nd avenue that has free wi fi. Why do I need wi fi ? Because few days ago I changed my phone plan and took the most simple one which is akin to pay as you go. It was a step towards detoxification and also the result of the thought that why to remain connected all the time when no one even calls/text. I surfed the web till it was closing time which is 10 pm with the thought of getting away for few days. I dragged myself to my apartment and changed to world’s most comfortable outfit aka shorts and t shirts.

The friend of mine had been calling me for a visit for a long time now but I always chickened out for Copenhagen never appealed me. But today I was in rebellious mood and frantically searching for airline tickets. Kayak, expedia, priceline and even were searched for. Most of them were expensive for me; I can have a return trip to India in that amount. Slowly my concentration started giving way to other distractions and I closed the flap of my computer and cooked fried rice and ate it with potbelly peppers, drank a lot of water and went to bed. Next morning 7 am I had an office call(those who work with teams in multiple geography will understand it) I woke myself up with great difficulty and attended the call in which I was a mute listener. I would digress a little bit here, waking up in the morning is a pain and I have never understood what supernatural powers are responsible for waking people up from their beds. I am a light sleeper and didn’t have much problem in the past but now its like a ‘task’ to me. I have tried many alarms but nothing works. Someone suggested to try the Math alarm but the questions are too easy and I was able to solve them with eyes half open. Even the bar code scanner for the toothpaste didn’t work. It shows that where there is a will there is a way 😀

Anyway, the feeling of helplessness returned when the call finished. After morning ablutions, I ate my cereal and started for office.On my way to subway, I stopped at Budapest cafe ,looked at it for few seconds and resumed my journey to 86th street and Lexington avenue to catch 4 or 5 to midtown. After walking 100 meter I turned around and went to the cafe, looked at the menu and ordered an authentic Strudel. I placed myself on one of the table, removed my coat and opened up my laptop. 3 clicks later I was at which redirected me to; I found that Norwegian has the cheapest flight to western Europe at a cost that it won’t provide any food, any blanket or pillow but it was a direct flight of only 8.5 hours. I took out my credit card and after few clicks I received a mail stating ” Booking confirmation Norwegian Air Shuttle: 7*****”  and that’s how it all started. I was going to explore Scandinavia although brief visit it would be but I was happy that I took a decision.