Food characters = Our character ?

Continuing on yesterday’s thought of Who we are , I would add the characters of food that I have learned from my upbringing and the knowledge that I acquired from here and there.

According to the Ayurvedic studies the food can be classified into three branches:

1. Satvik

2. Tamsik

3. Rajsik

Based on what you eat , your tendencies and thought process follow.

Satvik food is anything that grows above the ground e.g. plants, fruits, leaves,cereals, grains, dairy products etc . The consumption of satvik diet induces alertness and calmness

Tamsik food is the one that grows below the ground e.g onion,garlic .This food takes time to digest but it has certain properties that can be beneficial if taken in very small amounts e.g. we know about the antioxidant properties of garlic. But ingestion can drive your concentration bipolar as one can be concerned about the bad breath and all.

Rajsik food is largely based on preparation.Rajsik in hindi means something related to prosperity, king like. When you have a lot of money then of course you can throw a lot of spices in your kettles and pots 🙂 It has pungent odor, induces passion, sensuality .They have hot ,spicy, salty taste. Generally the power, prestige, prosperity are the key points that fill the minds of those who eat rajsik food.

This comes from the ancient Indian wisdom but it is very difficult to remain on the satvik diet. I am a vegetarian and I maintain satvik diet but I do take onion,garlic in moderate amount.


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