Chicago – Queen of Bad Weather and King Linus

Few days ago I posted on Facebook  “I secretly love Chicago’s weather.Despite everyone cribbing about it every day, I go out every single time when they say weather is bad. I love it when snow hits my face directly and blocks my vision.Even though my face swells temporarily and the frozen jaws render me speechless.I don’t mind putting my feet in the puddle while crossing the streets and taking my gloves off every now and then to feel the wind despite its numbing coldness.I don’t know why the bells of the cathedrals chime every single time I pass through either rush street or state street . Serendipity ,eh?? I like to put my feet in spine chilling water of lake Michigan ,which trust me can give head on competition to any sea.Its great to see snowflakes on your window every single morning and think of fractals. It zones me out .”

Today in the blizzard named ” Linus ” with approx 40 MPH wind speed in place, I went to Michigan lake’s beach. It was as usual numbing cold and frigid. The first look reminded me of any polar region. Last year Chicago was colder than Antarctica and the polar bears at Lincoln park zoo had to be taken inside as it was too cold for them 😀  . The waves were huge and I for a second thought a tsunami is coming.


The wind was intense and the snow was arduous. it was just too difficult to see anything and there was a great chance that the needle like snowflakes scratch the retina. My hands were totally numb and a little clot was formed on index finger of left hand. Though I was not in the best of health given the injured knee ,injured back and a very bad ankle, the 20 minute trip to the beach was very rewarding. Sitting inside your home and seeing the snow is comfortable choice but feeling that gusty wind on your face, feeling that cold air on your scalp gives you a feeling that earth and nature can be unforgiving.


While I was standing there and admiring the vast expanse of Lake Michigan and was getting slapped persistently by the wind, rain and snow I had another realization . I realized that the trench coat that I purchased 2 years ago from Macy’s in New York  was the best investment I have made till now.I generally get train of thoughts and the next thing that struck me was that in different circumstances different things, different people take precedence . Right now this coat is so dear to me and the moment I will be in my room the same coat will not be at the top of the totem pole of priorities. The same is the case with people. Sometimes you are very important to someone and sometimes you are just someone. This cycle of everything to something to nothing can be painful but it teaches you few things in life.The important thing is to cherish the present and forget the rest. I know its easier said than done but one has to try at least. For your own sake, for the sanity of your brain and for striking the balance.

Chicago taught a lot of things to me and surely if bad weather were an empire then Chicago would be the queen.

Its the city which shows me such views from my apartment window and even in frigid winters helps me meditate.



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