Tofu express

Hmm..I am writing after a long time. I was just busy in office and had few trips here and there.

I am a fan of plant based diet and practice vegetarianism. One very cliched question all veg people are asked is “from where do you get your protein” .Trust me its annoying .All those people who ask such questions please get few concepts cleared. There are hundreds of protein sources in the world. One is Tofu !

I fell in love with it the moment I tasted it. A lot depends on the kind of sauce you use but I have seen appetizers such as pan fried tofu,tofu salad, stuffed breads and tofu etc in many restaurants. I like experimenting with food.It gives me a sense of pleasure as if I am creating something new.Although you can find roots and routes both in cook books.I like the taste of pan fried tofu,its not deep fried.Its texture and royal golden color is very appetizing . I have failed in umpteenth attempts to get my pan fried tofu by myself. But today morning I decided that no matter what,I will get this one right.It might sound infinitely trivial to so many wonderful cooks out there but there is always a first time. I read one or two pages online on how to cook it and I got the trick. Heat the oil and place the tofu cuboids in it and LEAVE THEM THERE. I was going wrong here in my previous attempts.The stir fries have made me so restless that my hands itch to flip everything. So, I was doing this consistent flipping in my previous attempts. But today, I kept my patience and let the tofu cubes sit in the hot oil and I was so happy to see the royal golden brown colors on my tofu 🙂 yay !! Turning them over was a little issue as I don’t have enough equipment to do so. I used a spatula and it damaged a little bit the shapes but never mind.They turned out to be fine for at least the first time.

I live in a old apartment, so there is no chimney and I was startled when this fire alarm went off. Ughh..I was in my boxers and searched for my pants to run open the door. Hilarious and terrifying moment it was :/


But eventually I am happy with the result 🙂


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