Chagall’s windows

Few days ago I had the opportunity to visit “The Art institute of Chicago”.The so called number one museum in US. I didn’t find it the best as I have seen better or may be I have been to too many of them that I feel the antiques and displayed articles redundant. But anyway, this is not the topic of my post.

It was snowing in Chicago and I was pedaling my bike on the snow covered roads and reached the museum in 15 minute time. I docked my city bike and entered the grand labyrinth of the institute. I purchased the ticket for $23 and checked my coat in. Check in policy is odd $1 for every item. I had only a backpack so I had to give $1 but I didn’t have any change so I gave a $20 bill and he gave me the change. I should have counted the money then and there itself. The guy returned only $17 and I was duped of $2 by the coat check in guy. Well, I didn’t get to know this until I reached home and counted money . Its really unfair and I am very annoyed . People are not really trustworthy especially in terms of money.Anyway, I will come to it in some other post.

So, let me enter the museum. After checking few galleries on the ground floor I turned the map over and checked what else is left to see on the ground floor as I was tired of the same Greek heads, Indian, American Indian folk arts. I saw Chagall’s windows as the featured display. The print of the visitor guide and map was not vivid so I just decided to walk to this gallery where these majestic windows are on display. Before that, I had never heard of Marc Chagall and any of the stained glass art of any artist. For glasses I would say Tiffany glass itself was quite a revelation to me and I was astounded when I first saw the mosaic pattern at Driehaus museum Chicago.

I reached the gallery and I was dumbstruck and couldn’t really believe my eyes that I am seeing something like this.I was stupefied and dumbstruck. At first I thought its some light effect at play here and then I went at the back of the building to check if some light tricks are done or not. There were none. I sat in front of the windows and kept looking at them. The color intensity was impeccable . The varying shades were giving it a unique touch and every color seemed to complement the other.

Chagall's Windows

                                                 Chagall’s Windows

Just look at the masterpiece. Isn’t it wonderfully brilliant ? It left me dazed for days for what kind of artist creates such masterpieces. Of course I read the short biography of Chagall- French-Russian artist. While I was sitting in front of it ,an old woman who was examining the art work closely had tears in her eyes while she was clicking photos of the same. I didn’t ask her as I didn’t want to disturb her zoning moments.But I am taking that an art work can be moving to a great extent.



I am already a fan of blue color and this art work has made me even a greater admirer of the color of God, the color of healing , color of the heaven, color of Indian God Krishna ,Color of David’s star and the color of Sapphire.

“Few people said “Look out of the window to get a perspective” but then I looked “at” these windows.”


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