Month: January 2015

Fat, sick and nearly dead

So, all those weight watchers out there. It’s for you. I see that a lot of people keep on complaining about that they don’t want to gain weight, or how last summer they added a few extra pounds. I talk to my friends about foods and they say  “No,No, I will gain weight!” or “I don’t want to eat this or that” or simply “I am just fat”

If you have so much problem then why don’t you do something about it ? I know easier said than done but if you want to lose weight then you will have to work for it.  I will digress here a little bit and all those women who have given birth, its ok that you got few extra pounds. You have given birth to a new life. Anyone who is expecting you to be some size zero figurine should be bashed severely.

So, coming back to what I was talking about. I saw this film many months ago and I really liked it. The Australian guy,Joe Cross, goes on a juice fast for 60 days and travels from one end of US to other and convinces other people, tells his story that how he was fat, sick and nearly dead. And how he repainted his whole life . It is very inspirational and can be done. I did the 5 day water fast myself and 6 day juice fast. It feels amazing ! Trust me

Here is the link to the movie.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Please share it among your friends. 🙂

You can check out his website as well at



Chicago Area Origami Society (CHAOS) was the group that I joined last year and came in contact with many folders there. I also instructed there to the young folders and exchanged ideas with the peers.
The class is held every Second Saturday of every month at the Garfield observatory . what a wonderful place it is. So many flowers and such a lovely greenhouse. I saw the pitcher plant for the first time here which I had only read about in 6th grade .I hope I will see chlamydomonas and volvox some day.
I am a firm believer of minimalism . I have only a bed, a mattress (which I gave away recently) and a lamp in my room and that’s it ! Usually when I used to fold something I used to take it with me and add it to my collection but now I am giving it all away. I wanted to give it to a school but I had no contacts to any schools and my present condition doesn’t allows me to go out and scour the resources that will accept my models. So, I am giving them away to a nearby book store . I hope they can adorn that small book store that houses all the used books. All my origami that was assembled in Chicago should remain in Chicago . One last time , all the models at one place together .


Chagall’s windows

Few days ago I had the opportunity to visit “The Art institute of Chicago”.The so called number one museum in US. I didn’t find it the best as I have seen better or may be I have been to too many of them that I feel the antiques and displayed articles redundant. But anyway, this is not the topic of my post.

It was snowing in Chicago and I was pedaling my bike on the snow covered roads and reached the museum in 15 minute time. I docked my city bike and entered the grand labyrinth of the institute. I purchased the ticket for $23 and checked my coat in. Check in policy is odd $1 for every item. I had only a backpack so I had to give $1 but I didn’t have any change so I gave a $20 bill and he gave me the change. I should have counted the money then and there itself. The guy returned only $17 and I was duped of $2 by the coat check in guy. Well, I didn’t get to know this until I reached home and counted money . Its really unfair and I am very annoyed . People are not really trustworthy especially in terms of money.Anyway, I will come to it in some other post.

So, let me enter the museum. After checking few galleries on the ground floor I turned the map over and checked what else is left to see on the ground floor as I was tired of the same Greek heads, Indian, American Indian folk arts. I saw Chagall’s windows as the featured display. The print of the visitor guide and map was not vivid so I just decided to walk to this gallery where these majestic windows are on display. Before that, I had never heard of Marc Chagall and any of the stained glass art of any artist. For glasses I would say Tiffany glass itself was quite a revelation to me and I was astounded when I first saw the mosaic pattern at Driehaus museum Chicago.

I reached the gallery and I was dumbstruck and couldn’t really believe my eyes that I am seeing something like this.I was stupefied and dumbstruck. At first I thought its some light effect at play here and then I went at the back of the building to check if some light tricks are done or not. There were none. I sat in front of the windows and kept looking at them. The color intensity was impeccable . The varying shades were giving it a unique touch and every color seemed to complement the other.

Chagall's Windows

                                                 Chagall’s Windows

Just look at the masterpiece. Isn’t it wonderfully brilliant ? It left me dazed for days for what kind of artist creates such masterpieces. Of course I read the short biography of Chagall- French-Russian artist. While I was sitting in front of it ,an old woman who was examining the art work closely had tears in her eyes while she was clicking photos of the same. I didn’t ask her as I didn’t want to disturb her zoning moments.But I am taking that an art work can be moving to a great extent.



I am already a fan of blue color and this art work has made me even a greater admirer of the color of God, the color of healing , color of the heaven, color of Indian God Krishna ,Color of David’s star and the color of Sapphire.

“Few people said “Look out of the window to get a perspective” but then I looked “at” these windows.”

Tofu express

Hmm..I am writing after a long time. I was just busy in office and had few trips here and there.

I am a fan of plant based diet and practice vegetarianism. One very cliched question all veg people are asked is “from where do you get your protein” .Trust me its annoying .All those people who ask such questions please get few concepts cleared. There are hundreds of protein sources in the world. One is Tofu !

I fell in love with it the moment I tasted it. A lot depends on the kind of sauce you use but I have seen appetizers such as pan fried tofu,tofu salad, stuffed breads and tofu etc in many restaurants. I like experimenting with food.It gives me a sense of pleasure as if I am creating something new.Although you can find roots and routes both in cook books.I like the taste of pan fried tofu,its not deep fried.Its texture and royal golden color is very appetizing . I have failed in umpteenth attempts to get my pan fried tofu by myself. But today morning I decided that no matter what,I will get this one right.It might sound infinitely trivial to so many wonderful cooks out there but there is always a first time. I read one or two pages online on how to cook it and I got the trick. Heat the oil and place the tofu cuboids in it and LEAVE THEM THERE. I was going wrong here in my previous attempts.The stir fries have made me so restless that my hands itch to flip everything. So, I was doing this consistent flipping in my previous attempts. But today, I kept my patience and let the tofu cubes sit in the hot oil and I was so happy to see the royal golden brown colors on my tofu 🙂 yay !! Turning them over was a little issue as I don’t have enough equipment to do so. I used a spatula and it damaged a little bit the shapes but never mind.They turned out to be fine for at least the first time.

I live in a old apartment, so there is no chimney and I was startled when this fire alarm went off. Ughh..I was in my boxers and searched for my pants to run open the door. Hilarious and terrifying moment it was :/


But eventually I am happy with the result 🙂