Lazy vegetarian and Minimalism

I am lazy, procrastination and apathy are not only big words for me but they are way of my life also.

After sitting in office for 9 straight hours, I don’t like to sit there any longer for my general reading and other activities. So, I go to starbucks or argos tea cafe to sit and read. Why don’t I go straight to my room  ? 1. I am a minimalist , I don’t posses a lot of furniture and sit on floor , sometimes sitting on floor is a little challenging.   2. I don’t have an AC , but I live on 9th floor and the cool breeze can fill the room up but it accompanies  mosquitoes who are willing to give love bites to me , so I can’t open the windows and because the apartment is very near to lake Michigan the humidity is always an issue. 

I reach home mostly at around 10 or so and get really tired by then and thus my dinner turns out to be minimalist in nature too. 🙂


Minimalist plates 😀 🙂

I just hope no one from my family reads this post .


BTW I have found one very good formula for yogurts. I don’t actually like flavored yogurts for the simple reason that they contain preservatives and colors. I buy plain yogurt and in a small bowl I mix some yogurt , black pepper and roasted peanuts and this combination is absolutely amazing and works in harmony with my time saving techniques 🙂

Try it once.


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