WTF?! Pics Time!


Pics for which there is no earthly explanation – but we find one!…For MOST of them!

the sewing machine‘Quick a UPS van just crashed! Bring 2 things: My camera and a sewing machine…like, NOW!

‘But…we’ll be late for the wedding!’

‘I DO NOT care!’

lions gf‘Tony…what have they done to you!’

pink gunThis one is pretty standard…isn’t it??!! I do this all the time. I get my Womble doggy, my baby and a pink rifle and sit in the tub regularly. The gun and the jogging pants with the peace sign go particularly well together!


‘Sir…next time, honour me. I was here first.’

sick orang

Maaaaaaan – that was one hell of a night!

sloth sats

‘I am a sloth and I am taking my GED. I’m not quite sure what the issue is here?’


‘Um…someone help me?’


You’re on your own here dear Readers…

cat shower



Nothing I could say here would probably be better than the…

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