The Great Gatsby

I am watching The Great Gatsby, the movie. I have read the book many years ago and as far as I remember it was written by Fitzgerald in the year of 1925 . I saw one of the scene which left me a annoyed.

I have taken a screenshot for this blog’s purpose.Image

The movie has many scenes which shows African Americans are enjoying the same social stature as of white people. In this scene they are having a lavish car party on the streets of New York. This seems odd the African Americans were not very much accepted socially. Though they had voting rights from 1870 but the real freedom was after 1960’s after the civil rights movement lead by Martin Luther King Jr.  

Even the Harper Lee’s work “To Kill a Mockingbird” was published in 1960 which showed the downright discrimination and racial sentiments.

The directors of the movie should take care of such facts and  should set his scenes accordingly.



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