Veg food again

All right , by now I am assuming that my posts on healthy and beg food have become boorish. I am harping the same thing again and again.

The omly point I am saying is that , you can cook yourself and not much effort is required. I have a very demanding job , after solving all those complex analysis equations at work I come home totally sapped up, but then too in mere 20 min I can do much in the kitchen. I can also give up and say  “Oh ! I am too tired to do anything” and I do so sometimes, but not always. You are what you feed your body. Dont confine yourself to hotdogs, hamburgers and McDonalds . I had flat bread of multi grain , caramelized onions and turnip greens as dinner. What did you have ?


PS: I used the chilly powder that I had purchased in India and by god , it was it was hot. It shows that how body gets accustomed to the food and climate. Though in India I never ate too spicy but here I just use salt and black pepper. So the question remains, How much spicy is too spicy



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