Meditation and Modular Origami

Sometimes people say that when you are totally absorbed in a task then you are meditating. I would like to disagree.

In Buddhism, one progresses towards liberation(Nirvana) by acquiring morality , knowledge (Panna) and one pointedness (Samadhi).

One pointedness is achieved by meditation and is a state of mind.

When we are absorbed in a task to such an extent that we do not have information of the outside world  , this condition is closely associated with the term “flow” coined by positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi.

Though both of the states, flow and meditation are awesome experiences.

This is one thing I like to do and possibly gets me into “flow” 🙂



Modular Origami requires patience but the results are satisfying and are beautiful  🙂

Tomako Fuse’s book on Origami Polyhedra is helping me these days.


This is a tetrahedron, I liked the color combination that I chose 😀



This is a stick cube , I gifted it to Roberto Rosado, a painter/priest.artist in New Jersey after he became a good friend when I gave him good account of Indian history and other facts he wanted to know.


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