Christmas in August

No doubt I drool over movies which have a meaning. From starting I have always liked watching classical cinema which delivers some message, in which acting is strong, in which the character is shaped by the story, in which feelings ride the surfboard in the sea of emotions.

My friends always say to me that I have grown old in my 20s and I laugh it off. 

Till school I always watched Hindi and English movies, hits and flops. When I went to college which fortunately had students from virtually all over the India I started watching movies which were made in the other languages Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Gujrati, Sindhi, Oriya etc. I also observed that they were national award winning movies. I slowly shifted my attention to the world movies. And now I can say that I have decent knowledge about world movies and there are few master pieces that I have watched are non English and non Indian movies. 

Few moments ago, I finished watching Christmas in August. A Korean movie about a terminally ill photographer and a girl who frequents his studio. They never express their love to each other but they know it has blossomed . 


Last 20 minutes of the movie don’t even have a dialogue or any narration , just actions and daily life scenes. I was awestruck. 

The guy indeed had an infectious smile. 

The good thing about the movie is it doesn’t pushes any emotional buttons, it unfolds itself slowly and gives a lot of room to the audience to decipher and fill the voids with their own thoughts and feelings. 

I liked the scene when he clicks his self portrait . Too many things , too many emotions and not even a single word. 

He leaves a Christmas card for her before his death which says “I always knew that feelings of love would fade – just like old photographs. But for you… you will always remain in my heart, as you are in my last moment. Thank you, and goodbye. 

Only 90 minutes and what a masterpiece by Jin-Ho Hur .

Time well spent 🙂



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