What does she gets in return ?


Its my 2nd month in Chicago and I have been following the same routine daily. I start for office at 8:45 am and reach at 9:15 am, start from office at 5:30 pm and reach my home at 6:00 pm. This is when I decide to walk to office and back.

This world goes on alarm clock, if you follow the same routine then you will get to see the same people daily at same point of time at the same spot. It’s wonderful.  It’s like me going to Barnes and Nobel store daily ,and sitting there to read my books. And right across me there sits a gentleman who studies his book of bible and makes notes. Its the same routine , each and every day. I have not spoken to him ever, but when we see each other we smile and nod . 

So, to a more human mind, these are relationships which have no meaning, no existence but they are indispensable for some reasons.

While I walk to office, I see a girl daily . She is always 50 feet ahead of me. I think she lives in my building only.I don’t know her name, haven’t even seen her face completely . For past  30 odd days I see her crossing the La Salle , Maple cross section .There is a dog who lives there, I am not sure if the dog has some owner as he has no collar. But I have always seen that dog in the parking area. When the dog sees her, he starts following her and when she sees him , she sits down, pats his neck, the dog licks her hands and tries to smell her. Then she takes some food material from her bag and gives it to him and continues on her way. The dog follows her till the end of the block where she takes a right turn and goes to the Clark street.  The dog returns with the piece of food between his jaws. And it happens daily, without fail. Each and every day the same thing happens. And just to witness this , I get up on time and if I am getting late I skip the breakfast to see this reunion and parting .

After the girl takes a right turn to Clark ,I do the same as my office is on Clark street only.Then after 5 or 6 blocks, there is this very old lady who sells pretzels , the girl buys a pretzel daily and gives it the small child who comes with the lady / sits on the street with her. This as well is a routine.

Then she gets into one of the clothing stores. Probably she works there .And I continue on my way.

When I am on my way back to home, I see her sometimes. Sometimes I see her with some old people in the park opposite to the oak club and she reads to them . 

The girl puts on the same gesture each and every day.

I do not understand, what does she gets in return?

May be satisfaction and love and the completeness in making life of other people beautiful .


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