Greens ! Yay !

I like green as a color. Not only the trees but also my green color of my Reebok t shirt 🙂 . And once in a while I like green color on my plate as well. I like all types of greens and after I have read that turnip greens are much more nutritious than kale green or collard greens . I have always loved spinach as well. Last time I purchased collard greens and used only two or three leaves and the rest went yellow and I threw them away eventually. 

I purchased a bunch few days ago again and I used 2-3 leaves for the salad and the rest were lying rotten in my refrigerator . But this time I was more determined to use them . I came back from office and and took the greens out of the bag , washed each leaf separately , discarded the yellow ones and sauteed them. I heated 2 table spoon of olive oil and lightly fried a small garlic, half an onion and one scallion . Added black pepper and minced garlic and added my greens on top of that. I mixed all well. I was watching a YouTube video side by side and this was the final step. But before this , I did a small improvisation . I added Italian dressing that I use in salad ,2 quarts and covered the mixture for 10 minutes. The end result was green, healthy and I was happy 🙂


I still do not know how to knead the dough, so I have the corn tortillas with me and my plate was brimming with taste and health 😀



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