Minimalism ? Let’s start from Wallet

I have never been associated with any of the -isms . But there is one which is ardently attractive to me for reasons yet to be deciphered by my brain. Etymologically speaking minimalism deals with living with as less as you can and living an exotic life.

Minimalism can provide you freedom , its living without fear and constant worry. It makes sense , right? The less you have the less you will worry. e.g. if I don’t have a cell phone, there will not be any constant reminder at the back of my head saying “check your phone, someone might have dropped a message” .

I as an individual have great fondness for things. If I look back I am sure I can find  geometry box that I used in standard 5, my photo id card from school from standard 4, my progress report cards from standard 1 and so on. And I am not even sure why do I have them.They are my vintage collection and give me sense of belonging and act as a chronological diary for my life.

But does that mean there is something wrong with owing material possessions? I don’t think so, no there is nothing wrong if you are looking to make your life comfortable, but one aspect that minimalism can definitely attack is the consumerism. Our vision is so clouded by the things we possess that everything else takes a backseat.

I , for instance, have always carried all of my Ids even when only one is sufficient , my college Id, my 4th standard id, the metro cards I purchased when I traveled to different countries, 20 passport sized photographs of mine, some currency bills, 2 small keys, a lot of bill receipts , 5-6 credit cards, same number of debit cards. I don’t even know if some of them still have any cash in them, few visiting cards and all type of trash. The wallet was bulging like a pregnant cloud and it was long since I had carried the wallet in my pocket.First of all it was difficult to put it in back pocket and even if I somehow managed to put it there, I made a fool of myself on numerous occasions while trying to get it out of the pocket. Also, sitting with wallet inside the back pocket can cause back pain, shoulder pain and deaden the nerves of the hip .


I wanted to implement minimalism in my life, first of all I donated all my modular origami models to a museum in Chicago . Now I turned to my wallet, it wasn’t an easy task.After much reduction I have one driving license, one credit card, one debit card, one metro card, one passport size photo graph of mine, few dollar bills.That’s it !

I hope I don’t stop here and implement the same in many aspects of my life 🙂


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