Game Theory in Art Institvte Chicago


Last night I was in the art institute of Chicago for the after dark hours in the modern wing . 

Honestly speaking , I was a little bit disappointed and was on the verge of leaving when I heard some interesting conversations.

While I was doing so, I observed the gender demographics of the crowd. As usually the number of girls were less as compared to the number of males. Now, according to Nash equilibrium from Game theory, every male tries to hit on the most beautiful female, I should try ,go and talk to the second most prettiest girl .My chances of being with her will be high according to the game theory. 

I know its preposterous to rank people according to their beauty, as its a relative term .

The result is not self explanatory, the global optimum result (prettiest girl here) doesn’t come out to be the rational choice. 

See the video to understand more about this Nash equilibrium.

It is similar to the prisoner dilemma where they face the question whether to confess or not.


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