After Dark !

There is  a friend of mine who jeers at me patronizingly for my interest in visiting museums and libraries. Actually , most of them give me a frosty nose stare when I propose such a visit . Anyway, I am incorrigible as well .I go alone and enjoy.

In Chicago, I hardly know anyone. At office , there is only one guy in the team and he is always busy with something or the other.

Going out and party every weekend till you drop dead is not my idea but I like it once in a while. In  Delhi, Bangalore I have done it many times and I miss it when I am in the beautiful city of Chicago. Night life is active here but going out alone is very boring. No one to talk to or share my anecdotes 😀 Not that I didn’t try but but wasn’t very successful. 


Last night , I had one such opportunity. Exploring a museum in the night. Now, such events don;t take place often. So, I paid for a rather expensive ticket and went there at 9 pm. To my surprise, a lot of people were there. I was happy that people are ready to visit museums and art galleries even on friday night . But no one was alone, each and every single person was with someone or the other. Groups of girls, few families, few couples , few groups of businessmen ,some old connoisseurs and yes , me. After having a drink,visiting all the galleries that were open for the night, and talking to people on what they thought about a particular painting of Christopher Wools, I wanted to head out as it was turning out to be another drab evening for me.When I got up to head out, one of the bartender girls approached me and asked me if I would like to taste the drink of the hour,I said ,”Ok” . and She sprayed a mix of bourbon and some lime and carrot juice in my mouth and was looking for an affirmative nod, I nodded though I wasn’t sure whether I liked the taste or not. Then I started to head out, but just before I could grab my coat I overheard a woman saying to her family “Too bad that we are not going to be together on Easter, its the tradition that keeps us together”  Her daughter said “Now don’t start crying, why on earth of all the places are we here?  and by the way its not the tradition ,its Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker who give the feeling of togetherness “.

What a reply, I was thinking after bursting into laughter .Suddenly I decided to stay for some more time .

There was this drunk girl whose friend/ or boyfriend was not so drunk and the girl was dragging him along to the dance floor and the guy was acting like a baby. 

Another very drunk girl was pointing at something , and at that moment a museum staff’s papers fell out of the file. Now trust me, that girl had not even that much strength that she could hold herself up but she reached out to help that staff member and started collecting fallen papers for her. Seriously, liquor makes empathetic human beings and gives them the courage to do something which they can’t 😀

Also, how well dressed and civilized everyone was looking when they joined the gathering , but after a drink or two everyone is using the F word as an adjective. F this F that. I am not against the usage of the word but whats surprising is people use it a lot and in front of their parents, kids . I have slightly different opinion on this. Everyone knows ,one day or the other kids will know these but let them discover these by themselves. Don’t spoil it for them .



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