Vegetarianism in 40 Min ?

If you have 4 burners on your gas stove , what can you create in 20 minutes?

The point is it needs to be healthy and should adhere to the plant based diet concept.

I was busy in office calls since morning and was working from home. I had honey oats as the breakfast , and at around 1 pm I was dying of hunger. I had 35 minute break between two successive online discussions and see what I did and everything was done from scratch.


White rice boiled, mix vegetables fried in olive oil with black pepper , salt and the famous madras curry powder. The mix veg had a small potato, few pieces of broccoli, carrots, onions, spring onions/scallions , red bell pepper.

I caramelized half an onion in olive oil and  balsamic vinegar. People generally cook them for an hour, but I like the crunchy taste of  onion so I take them off the flame after 10 -15 min or so. The corn was boiled and was so juicy. OMG !! I had an avocado lying in my fridge for few days now and I had no idea of what to do with it. I have started eating avocado only after coming to US, and I like its salad and dip. So, I thought of preparing guacamole , I mashed avocado after cutting it, mixed half an onion sliced one, one tomato , pepper and salt and one spoon lemon juice(because I had only half a lemon with me 🙂 )

Who says Veg food can’t be tasty and healthy and doesn’t provide you with all the nutrients ?

I love so many colors in my plate 🙂



  1. Read like 5 of your posts and even though i am a pure non-vegetarian 😀
    Your blog is really cool 🙂

    Looking forward to a lot more stuff in the future.

    1. Ha ha ! I am glad you liked them.
      I have tried non veg once or twice when in college , esp. Rogan Josh 🙂 But I couldn’t develop the taste 🙂
      So, plant based diet is the mantra here !

      1. Can’t say about other stuff but as far as Rogan Josh is concerned, majority of the folks cook that wrong, hence the disliking , i guess .
        I say that coz’ i’m a kashmiri pandit and that dish is part of my culture 🙂
        Anyhow being vegeterian is cool too. One should eat what one savours 🙂

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