Scent of a woman

Today while at work , I was searching something on google and there was a news item regarding the Missing Malaysian Jet  MH 370 and the caption was “O’ captain , my captain” . These words rang a bell in my mind.

Its a poem written by Whitman about the death of Abraham Lincoln . Why do I know this? 

Simply , because I have watched the movie “Dead poet’s society” at least 3 times. The last scene of the movie is ineffable. I don’t have words for what Robin Williams, Mr. Keating does for the students.



He shows them how to live , how to think ! Splendid movie. Why is there lack of such movies ? I don’t even know to what genre should such beauties belong to, on a high level its a drama but a drama which leaves a mark on you. 

Anyway, when I saw this quote I instantly googled Dead Poet’s society and opened the imdb page. It was showing the recommendations . And Scent of a woman was one of them. I never go by the imbd ratings , but sometimes I look them up. This movie has decent one , I think its 7.9 . 

I watched it just now and what a masterpiece. The beautiful relation between Mr. Slade and Charlie. Its simply cannot be explained in words.

For most of us the best scene in the movie would be the speech which Al Pacino gives, indeed it was the finest oration I have heard lately but what I liked was the face expression on a nervous Charlie when he sees Slade entering the disco session(disciplinary committee) . How the downward curve of his lips , turn into an upward parabola 🙂

I loved the movie.




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