That’s where from I get my protein – Tofu

That's where from I get my protein - Tofu

I am sure every meat eater has asked this question to a vegetarian guy, from where do you get your protein.
Also, I just do not understand when they say don’t have meat, just taste the gravy.
Why? Why taste the gravy ? I don’t really understand this preposterous preposition.
Tofu, Eggplant, scallions, white onion, garlic, salt and pepper. That’s it !!



  1. Amazing things are happening with you and I never knew!! Well now I will see all the posts and I am delighted that you are enjoying yourself talking to all kinds of people! You are actually a friendly if somewhat garrulous fellow and I am sure life is interesting meeting so many people!! And yippee you like baingan!! Yes the Bengalis fry it and call it baingan bhaja. It’s quite yummy. And we make a wonderful bajji with it. Bajji is south Indian pakoras and very nice. We make a very nice Gotsu with it , make a subji with south Indian masala. I made it yesterday. We cook it quite a lot. But you said when your mum makes eggplant and potato you separate it and eat the eggplant. You mean potato!! Also the girl was gulping water you mean! I don’t know what galloping water is.
    One of our relatives who teaches in Florida somewhere had dropped in just now. Talked and entertained him and he just left. I like the look of your food. I will be very happy eating stuff like this. How is work going? I hope you can continue to stay in the US and finish your MBA. More later.

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