Meditation Contd ..

I have been attending the meditation classes religiously and persistently .The reason is I think there is something that I can get after I finish it. Even if I do not land up as being very successful at meditation, i will be happy that I tried to change the course of my life and the perspective of looking at it even by one percent. And sometimes these marginal gains make all the difference. It can be seen by the methods employed by Brailford who coached the English cycling team and won them the olympic gold and tour de france.

Its very easy to start anything, e.g you make a commandment that you will go to gym from now onwards, you are carried away and feel very romantic about the idea. You dress up and hit the gym , work out there and pay for next 1 month or more. Some people even go on to buy expensive nike shoes , this or that as accessories . The idea itself seems very euphoric and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Indeed it does . I have done such things in the past. You must be thinking that why everyone gives example of gym, or exercise. This is because who on earth wants to get tired according to his/her own will. Who wants to feel the sweat beads on forehead and close eyes tightly when the saline sweat gets into the eyes? So, its a challenging situation that we pose in front of ourselves. But again, starting is easy but whats difficult is consistency , the rhythm . Be it any task, if you will be regular at it then you are bound to succeed given that you are doing it right. So commitment is the keyword.

Doing things right is also important as its give you the power of closed loop feedback system, like an auto correct conveyor belt, like a self learning genetic algorithm. That is why I took help of a teacher, and I am not regretting it at all.

After commitment comes the routine, if you want to imbibe commitment in your life as the morning ablutions have been imbibed you have to do them daily at the same time. Try and experiment which is the best time for you. I tried early morning, evening, late at night before going to bed. So, its an experimental process , according to your own body clock.  Committing to yourself is a little difficult, I still haven’t reached that mode where I am looking forward towards meditation. I am still taking it as an exercise, but with persistence and constant effort I should be fine. Also, what I also think is that one should go with their own pace.If one day I don’t really feel like meditating then I won’t sit. But if this is happening for two consecutive days then I will force myself to sit and meditate, reason being the mind is a great malingerer and the body is an accomplice in this mind-body game of disparagement .

Meditation is a slow process , its reverse engineering, so it is going to take time, I am aware of this. Esp for me, conditioning my brain to do something which it hasn’t been conditioned to is a difficult process.Or may be I can say my mind is chalk board but its difficult it run things from it once something has been written on it. I have observed this, when I was preparing for my engineering entrance I had problems in solving the questions of rotational mechanics in Physics, then I formed a short cut technique for myself and it worked 80 % of the times but when a concept was needed it use to fail. I was happy with that. But when I took actual coaching they taught me how to solve the rotational mechanics problems and I slowly became proficient . But while I was writing my test, the final exam, I was a little short on exam and there were few questions of R. mechanics in exam and I used my old technique to solve them. I resorted to the old method. This is somewhat unsettling . Despite knowing something doing something else is debauchery to oneself . So, I have to learn this method as well. It will be slow but will have to keep patience.

Earlier I used to think that if I am absorbed with my mathematical equations,  reading a book without having any information of whats going on in my surroundings, or making my complex origami models then I am meditating.

But the truth is I am not, this is not the true definition of one pointedness which is done for ultimate self awareness experience or nirvana /liberation .This absorption in the task is more related to the term flow in the psychology. The state of flow is no doubt an awesome technique for the stress reduction. I have experienced it myself but what I am searching here is something more than stress reduction and may be this tranquility meditation has the answer in its pocket, let’s see what happens in the future !


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