Chinatown Cermak

After finishing my meditation class today, i rode on the red line and went to China town, I was expecting it to be a culinary visit. I have been to Dalian China but it didn’t give me much opportunity to see the real China as its a port city and kind of melting pot of many nations . So I was expecting to see some more China.

Cermak is the station to deboard the red line . At the entrance they have the nine dragon wall which is fascinating .It says that 9 is the most auspicious and powerful number according to ancient china . I was delighted to have that info as I have close association with number 9  😀 



Only 3 nine dragon walls are there in China.

Anyway, I moved into the China town, it has a big board which says welcome to Chinatown


China Town is basically in two streets as I could see and it was wentworth avenue and s archer avenue.

The signs are in mandarin and English both. After going inside few stores, which didn’t seem very worth to me as things were not looking very authentic to me, the incense sticks were from India and they were playing pandora radio in the background. Just paper lamps, few laughing buddhas, few hatori hanzo swords , few umbrellas , few traditional chinese dresses was all I could see in most of the stores. At least they could have maintained the originality of the place by playing authentic chinese music. But then too, I felt that there are people who are striving hard to keep their culture alive in a land alien to them. After the window shopping I wanted to treat my taste buds and tummy. Now whenever I talk about food my options are reduced considerably because I am a veg and do not eat eggs as well. I went to this place called triple crowns for dim sums and I wasn’t disappointed at all. the place has large variety of dim sums and meat eaters can definitely titillate their taste buds here. Some people were there who were dipping their dim sums in soy sauce . that’s not how they are eaten !! I wanted to shout this to them at top of my lungs. May be hoisin is ok !

Anyway, after getting the starters of dim sums I wanted to have some main course and I went to go 4 food which has good ratings in yelp .I told them not to put any eggs , any shrimp, any meat, pork nothing in my noodle and asked them to make my maifun /rice noodles a little spicy. They had chop sticks as the instrument to eat, and they had placed tea as well. I loved the tea, the essence of the herbs was magnificent  and the aroma was drawing .I had ordered the egg plant with tofu and it turned out to be decent enough. But I liked the rice noodles a lot.

After lunch I thought I should get some authentic Chinese tea despite knowing that best tea comes from India, my home. I went inside a Chinese grocery store and trust me I had to cover my nose, the pungent smell of meat, chicken was in every nook of the place. I couldn’t find any tea there and just came out hastily to breath fresh air. 

And that concluded my brief visit.

China town was a nice experience after all.




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