EggPlant ??

I am speaking the truth and nothing else when I advocate my hatred towards eggplant . It has never been one of my favorite vegetable. When my mother cooks it I separate eggplant and potatoes and eat eggplant only. Yes , even now I do so. I am 27 and I do it 😀

Last month when I landed in Chicago from New York, I stayed in Marriott for few days. On the north Dearborn street , there is this bar Harry Caray’s on the Kinzie-Dearborn cross section. Now being a veg the options are very limited. The lady sitting next to me was having something of eggplant. I was wondering, why on earth one will eat something like eggplant and that too when they have other options available. The place had only salad, pasta and eggplant Parmesan as the vegetarian options. I didn’t want to have salad and I know how creamy the pasta is, so I avoided that as well.

I am a little experimental in nature , so when the lady sitting next to me was extolling the egg plant parmesan to no bounds, I decided to give it a try and trust me it was one of the best thing that I have ever tasted. Crisp, a little bit of cheese and eggplant. I was in love instantly. Surely a good chef can convert the inedible into finger licking delicacy.

After that night, I went to the same place again and ordered the EPP for myself again . By then this dish had made a permanent spot for itself in my heart.

I am settled in Chicago now, I have a studio room and at least a bed to sleep on, books to read and things are fine. While buying vegetables yesterday from the treasure island , my eyes fell over the eggplants and I thought why not to try it by myself. I instantly bought one medium sized eggplant / brinjal (as its called in India).

Now, I do not have a lot of utensils to cook my food, only a sauce pan, a frying pan and a boiling pan. That’s it ! That’s my kitchen .

If not Parmesan, let’s fry the eggplant and let’s see what happens. I cut the veg in round circles, marinated them with all the spices which I had, which were not many. Salt, black pepper,cumin powder, a little garlic paste. and fried them in 4 table spoon of olive oil.

Garnished it with fried onions and the result was great 🙂



PS : It was a little bit more oily than I expected, actually eggplant is soft veg and absorbs oil readily and I think I had added 2 spoons of oil later on while cooking as I thought it might burn itself due to insufficient oil.

I have to work on how to reduce the oil, it might come with the experience I hope.



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