E book reader vs Paperbacks

I read somewhere that books are no longer threatened by kindle than stairs by elevators and escalators.

I guess Stephen Fry quoted this.

I got my kindle 2 days ago.

Image, I 

The main reason I bought one for myself was that , I am purchasing books like a mad man here and when I will go back, I will have to carry them along , it will add an extra weight to my luggage . So I had a reason to buy one.

I am not into ebooks much, I have always liked paperbacks. The feeling of touching a paper and seeing the real ink can not be given by any e book reader. That’s my thought.

The only time I think I will be using the kindle if for those expensive files that I have in my computer which are much higher in price to buy as paperback and when I am traveling. Kindle is indeed very light weight and a good possession if you are into books.

But I am not going to pay anything more than $3 for an e book, that’s what I feel. As you will be getting only a file. I am just too mad and passionate for the paperbacks.They say some people are just stuck in an era, may be I am the one when it comes to books.

The smell of the new book, the beautiful front covers, the euphoric feeling that one gets after completing a book form cover to cover including the foreword, preface etc (Yes, I read them too 🙂 ) , the wild idea of having a small library for myself , the bookmarks are just too much for me to leave them for an ebook reader. I have read books on computer in the past, but my first love will be paperback.

But that’s just me.

Kindle is indeed going to be handy when I will be riding the sub for my meditation class 🙂



  1. I was known to be a freak for paperbooks. I used to spend hours admiring the covers, feeling the papers, and the smell, oh the smell. I still believe that we readers should keep paperbooks, I for one cannot accept the idea that paperbooks might extinct. Yet, can we truly give up on the e-reader? I love my Kindle I can’t really live without it, it has saved me a lot of money and provided every convenience I need.

    1. I completely agree with you Arwa.Both of them have their pros and cons. I do not think that paperbacks will be extinct and if they do it will be sad day in human history. I like kindle as it tells me my reading progress and is so light and definitely helps me in taking up the titles which I wouldn’t have .

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